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Differing critical thinking impacts reasoning in counseling

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Considering how cognitive development may play a role in critical thinking skills as critical thinking is a higher level thinking capability. How might differing levels of development impact reasoning in a counseling session?

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You mention critical thinking so I am imagining we are talking about adults here. Adults can think abstractly and think about their own thinking (meta-cognition). Both of these are important to development but are not sufficient for critical thinking.

King and Kitchener (2004) describe the stages from pre-critical thinker through quasi-critical thinker and finally to critical thinker. I have given you the best citation on the attached with the abstract. I have taken a picture of an exhibit that describes the stages in brief from a chapter that the same authors wrote. This will give you a brief idea of the potential cognitive development and growth, in the ...

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The solution provides a discussion includes definition of critical thinking and how pre-critical thinker, quasi-critical thinker and critical thinkers might respond to counseling. Response is 454 words with one reference.