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    Outline for a Paper Discussing Skinner

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    Create an outline that would get you started on a 10 page research paper regarding "Skinner & Behavioral Analysis". Include the ideas and important points needed for this topic.

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    I'm going to set up a general outline for your paper. Of course you can change the outline to meet your own needs... these are just suggestions. I'll also give you some sources that I've found to get you started on your research. (Sorry, this format doesn't allow me to indent the outline subcategories, so I hope it's not too confusing)

    I. Brief biography of Skinner's life.
    A. Birthdate (1904 in Pennsylvania)
    B. Parents- (Grace and William Skinner) his father was an attorney for the Erie railroad company and his mother was a strong, civic-minded housewife.
    C. Education- he was valedictorian of his high school class, attended Hamilton College in New York for his undergrad work and Harvard for his graduate studies. He received a PHd from Harvard in 1931.

    II. The early years of Skinner's research
    A. While he as still a student, Skinner was influenced by William Crozier, a physiologist he met at Harvard
    1. Crozier was an advocate for animal studies and believed that scientists should control the experimental results rather than simply observing
    2. Although Crozier was a physiologist and Skinner was in the psychology department, the two men shared similar goals and beliefs about science.
    3. Based on ...

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    I have written an outline to help a student organize a 10-page paper about B.F. Skinner. The outline includes factual information about Skinner's birth, education, early career and philosophy. References are included.