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Psychologists Standards

It is always unfortunate to hear of these incidents, as they are very disturbing to the employees, and diminish the professional atmosphere.
It sounds like it was particularly disturbing to you as it took place in a what should be a professional atmosphere.

This raises a question for those of us in the helping professions, psychology, and mental health fields:
In some work settings, the issue of ethics may not be a constant issue. Those of you working in the helping and human service fields have probably experienced that ethical considerations are very prominent, and are there at every step in our work.

Question: Do we hold psychologists or therapists to a higher standard of ethics than other professions?

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I believe that we do hold psychologists/therapists to a higher standard of ethics than higher professions. For example, a doctor can take advantage of patients by charging thousands of dollars ...

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This solution provided an opinion on whether or not psychologists or therapists are held to a higher standard that other professions.