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qualitative and quantitative studies

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Instruction: Answer the question below and make sure to provide sources/references to support your answer.
1. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative studies, with regard to the use of the term validity?
2. List your references/sources

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This posting offers help with comparing qualitative and quantitative studies in terms of validity.

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The solution includes an understanding of the concept of validity in qualittative and quantitative studies. The focus is more on explaining the qualitative aspect as quantitative studies have established validity assessing measures. References are included.

In a research project there are 4 types of validity: Face, content, construct and criterion validity. Essentially it measures the gap between what the test actually measures and what it was intended to measure. IN quantitative studies, all results are numerically stated. Using this numerical data it becomes easy to measure the validity coefficient. The validity coefficient
The validity coefficient is calculated as a correlation between the two items being compared, very typically success in the test as compared with success in the job.A validity of ...

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