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Whitaker Approach for Bill and Barbara Case Study

Bill and Barbara are in their early 30s and have been married for eight years. Their oldest child, Brenda, 7 years old, has recently been wetting the bed at night. This is surprising to her parents, as she had successfully potty trained before her fourth birthday. Their younger child, three-year-old Bobby, is in the process of learning to use the bathroom now. They tell you of the following changes in their life:
- Barbara has recently gone back into the workforce.
- The family has recently moved to a larger home in a different part of town.
- Brenda's bed-wetting most often happens on Sunday and Monday nights.
- Bill's parents live in the same town, were frequent visitors periodically took the children for weekend visits, but due to the grandfather's health, they visit less often now. the child has been checked out medically and any medical issues or evidence for sexual abuse has been ruled out.

1. How can we integrate Whittaker's approach to this situation?
2. Describe the Whitaker approach?
3. What kinds of interventions would be used?

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1. We would need to talk about each family members issues as a whole due to the idea that Whitaker held where the family would need to open up and work as a integrated whole and not each person a a individual. Having a family which is disjointed with issues and not working together as a whole would cause these issues.

2. Whitaker believed that active and forceful personal involvement and caring of the therapist was the best way to bring ...

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This solution fully describes the Whitaker approach and lists the kinds of interventions to use in 280 words.