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Abnormal Psychology

Nature vs. Nurture

Discuss the nature versus nurture controversy and how those views explain a child's moral development.

Client Rapport , Trust in counseling

Building rapport is a vital skill for all counselors to master. It is a skill that can be practiced and applied in any context involving more than one person. Think about an experience you have had in developing rapport with another person (for example, a client, student, fellow worker, supervisor). -What interpersonal skill

Verbal and Nonverbal messages

Describe the effects that verbal and nonverbal communication can have on people's perceptions of each other when they are face to face and when they are in an online environment. Include suggestions for how people can improve how others perceive them when communicating in an online environment. Please support your statements wit

Balancing Practice Effects

How might a researcher balance practice effects in the following example? A researcher is interested in whether a particular reading curriculum is effective in improving reading skills in a population of 6th graders. The researcher wants to compare this specific curriculum that they developed to another popular curriculum deve

Repeated measures design

There are many situations that psychologists encounter where there are very few subjects in the population of interest. For example, perhaps a psychologist is looking to develop and intervention for teenagers who engage in self-mutilation. This disorder occurs relatively rarely, at a rate of about 18 people (ages 18 to 35) per 1

Variables and Research Results

What do you think when my classmate answers the question: What impact does this difference have on causal inferences? Please give and example of each. My classmate wrote: " The impact that this has on causal inferences, from my understanding, is when you have a specific group through the natural group design, one must con

Individual differences variables and manipulated independent variables

Individual differences variables are characteristics that cannot be changed, they vary across the population. Examples of independent difference variable are race, gender, religious affiliation and age. For the researcher, it is a variable that they cannot assign an individual to, and therefore are called natural groups design

Research proposal.

The questions are: 1. how do you decide how many people you are going to interview (or how many case files) and how do you make your expectations clear? ** do you get them to sign a written consent and outline the expectations in form. 2. would the purpose of this research be to determine if an individuals socioeco

Nature vs Nurture

Over the last century, there has been a great deal of discussion and research that has tried to determine the relative influence of nature and of nurture on intelligence. The consensus today is that both make a strong contribution. What is one piece of evidence showing that nature (genetics) makes a contribution and one showing

True or False considerations

1) True or False. Prejudice is a negative/belief; discrimination is a negative behavior. 2) True or False. Prejudice are schemas that influence how we notice and interpret events. 3) True or False. Most people feel more positively about women in general than they do about men. 4) True or False. We define who we are-our

Single-case studies

Problems and Exercises I (See the attached page) Description: A behavior therapist seeks to reduce the frequency of hitting behavior exhibited by a 6-year-old child in a classroom for emotionally disturbed children. The child frequently strikes other children and even the teacher. The therapist trains one of the teacher's

Need assistance on the following topic: State Licensure

Can you explain the underlying rationale for licensing. Then, based on the Georgia state's licensing board, summarize in what you discovered about Georgia state's licensure requirements for professional counselors. Include the types of academic courses required, number of credit hours, number of supervised clinical hours needed,

Why Join a Professional Organization?

Can you describe why it is important for you to become a member of a professional organization such as, American Psychological Association or American Counseling Association. Based on any article, can you discuss a current issue that is affecting the field of counseling. A minimum of 250 words or more and please provide refer

Research proposal

Hi - I am having a little trouble answering/understanding the below questions for my research proposal. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!! :) RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the relationship between socioeconomic levels and child abuse? 1.Will participants be clearly and fully informed of the purpose of the rese

Freudian defense mechanisms

Describe at least three Freudian defense mechanisms and give examples of situations in which a person might use these defense mechanisms.

Walt Whitman and Learning

CRITIC ________________________________________ William James, the American philosopher and psychologist, is attributed to have said "A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." The scholar must move beyond this rearranging of prejudice, which is sometimes called confirmation

The Lake Wobegon Effect

I need some assistance answering the following question. Thanks! What factors might contribute to the â??Lake Wobegon Effect,â? where â??all the children are above average?â? Are students getting smarter today and thus making old norms too easy?

Person-Centered Theory and Therapy

What are two of the basic tenets of person-centered theory? What are some similarities and differences among person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic theories with respect to how client problems arise and how people change?

Discuss why knowing things through the empirical method is generally better

When engaging in the empirical method, people use their senses and observations to learn about the truth. The scientific method goes beyond the empirical method in that it uses a systematic approach to observing and testing. There are other ways of knowing, such as through the method of intuition. Discuss why knowing things thro

Is Psychological Debriefing a Harmful Intervention for Survivors of Trauma?

Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Abnormal Psychology Text Analyze Issue 3: Is Psychological Debriefing a Harmful Intervention for Survivors of Trauma? As part of your analysis, evaluate contemporary research associated with the critical issue. After reading the selected critical issue, use the following questions to analyze th

Observational research methods

Do you think that observational research methods are too subjective? Why or why not? How can observer bias be controlled? Please read chapter 4. I need at least 250 words of your response.

Examine the neurological effects, structural and functional, of drug use.

Examine the neurological effects, structural and functional, of drug use. All drugs do something in the brain to create their euphoric results although several of them also have harsh harmful penalties in the brain including seizures, stroke, and widespread brain injury that can affect all features of everyday life. Drugs c

Uses for descriptive statistical processes in research questions

Can descriptive statistical processes be used in determining relationships, differences, and/or effects in the research question and testable null hypothesis (as stated below)? I think that includes mean, median, mode, etc. Research question: What is the relationship between socioeconomic levels and child abuse?

Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Interventions

What are three effective cognitive-behavioral interventions you can use, for a specific disorder, based on the conceptualization of the problem in question? How would a psychologist fit with cognitive-behavioral therapies?

Strokes and effect on brain functioning and behavior

The brain is the center of human activity and there are processes that may come along to derail the brain's normal functioning. Some of these disruptive processes are known as neurological disorders. Neurological disorders may affect different areas like movement, perception, and language. Cerebrovascular accidents or strokes ar