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Applying Worldview to Therapeutic Interventions

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Applying worldview to working with a particular client in therapy (from an ethnic group that is different from your own)
Please describe issues unique to the Hispanic/Latino Americans ethnic group considering the relationship between its members' worldviews and their current perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors, and the implications of those issues when working with someone from that group in counseling/therapy.

Please refer to material dated 2008 and later, example http://pewhispanic.org/topics/?TopicID=16

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Research has focused on the ethnic group of Hispanics in American focused on several variables such as: socio-historical variables (length of residence in the United States[, sociopolitical [migration to the United States], experiences with racism, ]i.e. political participation], educational attainment, labor force participation, individual and family income, and socio-psychological variables [e.g., acculturation and cohesion] (Pontoretto, Casas, Suzuki, & Alexander, 1995, pp 155-156.). Hispanics in the USA are defined as individuals of Mexican, Puerto Rico, Cuban, Central or South American descent (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007 as cited in Fernandez, McCurdy, Arvey, Tyson, Morales-Campos, Flores et al., 2009).

Several issues unique to Hispanics in America subsist in their world views that would be significant to note in a therapeutic situation including: (a) ethnic identity, (b) education, (c) religion and cultural beliefs, (d) and perceptions of health and treatment interventions. For example, a recent study was conducted with a sample of Hispanic American women and men (N=44), women [20], and men [n=11] to examine their knowledge and attitudes concerning the human papillomavirus (HIV) virus, a sexually-transmitted disease ...

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This solution describes issues unique to a specific ethnic group, and considers the group' worldview(perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviors) and the implication of these issues in counseling therapy. 718 words with 5 references.