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Citing Sources

Read the following paragraph:

Decision making is a process by which several possibilities are considered and prioritized, resulting in a clear choice of one option over others. Decision making is a fact of life personally and in business. We make dozens of decisions each day. Some decisions are simple, while others are complex. Some are made for us while others require a great deal of analysis and thought. From what to wear to work to what computer system to choose to how to reward top performers to what movie to see, we use a variety of complex thought processes to make decisions from an array of options. Our ability to make decisions helps us to navigate through life, avoiding potential problems and expanding our horizons. Decision making plays a similar role in business. Decision making aids managers in identifying and selecting among potential opportunities, helping them solve immediate problems and make future problems more manageable. Good decision makers are those who are effective at processing information, assessing risks, and making choices that will have positive outcomes for their organization.


Authors: S. C. De Janasz, K. O. Dowd, & B. Z. Schneider
Date: 2002
Title of book: Interpersonal Skills in Organizations
City of publication: New York, NY.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill.
Page number: 372

Complete the following:

1- Write a brief summary of the main ideas of the paragraph. Create an in-text citation for your summary.

2- Paraphrase a specific point or points made by the author within the paragraph. Create an in-text citation for your paraphrase.

3- Identify a direct quote from the paragraph. Create an in-text citation for your direct quote.

4- Create a reference for your paragraph.

5 - Reflect on the thought processes you used for each aspect. How did your approach differ when writing each? What different techniques did you employ when developing each? What questions did you ask yourself as you wrote each?

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The ability to make decisions is a useful guide in making choices and helping to avoid making mistakes in life. De Janasz, Dow & Schneider (2002) assert that, individuals and businesses are provided with a number of options in the process of decision making in the daily routine of life. Decisions can be arrived at easily, or may require making difficult choices as Janasz et al point out, "Some are made for us while others require a great deal of analysis and thought" (p. 372). For instance, simple decisions can range from choosing personal attire to arriving at choices of a favorite performer. ...

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