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    How culture and society affects our cognitions.

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    Explain how biological and environmental factors can shape our cognitive processes.

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    The classic nature versus nature debate could provide a lot of information on the topic.
    Cognitive processes refer to information processing and includes decision making, thinking styles, problem solving coping etc. The obvious impact on cognition would be the presence or absence of any genetic complication that inhibits healthy and normal cognition. For example, Down's syndrome is a genetically caused condition which causes mental retardation thereby affecting cognition. Looking at normal examples we have a somewhat different picture.
    Genes do not code for thoughts, feelings, or behavior, but rather code for proteins that regulate and modulate biological systems. Although promising work has been done searching for the biological bases of individual differences it is possible to sketch out these bases only in the broadest of terms. Specific neurotransmitters and brain structures can be associated with a broad class of approach behaviors and positive affects while other neurotransmitters and structures can be associated with a similarly broad class of avoidance behaviors and negative effects. Reports ...

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    This solution reiterates an example of how culture and society affect our cognitions.