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Ethical Issues & Counseling

In an employment setting, please describe two or three ethical issues that existed in this setting. Then explain what you would do as an ethical counselor to address these issues. Include what type of consultation and/or supervision you would seek and from whom, as well as the qualifications the supervisor/consultant should have. Then, evaluate your role as an ethical counselor, seeking and/or providing supervision or consultation.

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Ethical decision-making is an evolutionary process that requires you to be continually open and self-critical.

A need to rescue clients: realize that a counselor cannot save everyone as not everyone truly has the motivation and desire to change themselves.

Desiring a social relationship with a client: Professionalism must also be maintained when working with a patient. Patients provide us with very personal information and we must develop a relationship of trust in order for this to happen. Human nature causes us to associate this trust with friendship as that is a trait ...

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This solution describes a couple of ethical issues in an employment setting and outlines how an ethical counselor might address these issues.