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Christian Counseling Case Study on God's Will

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I need some suggestions or direction for a practical application portion of an assignment.

A client comes to you for counseling. She states she is a Christian, in her third year of undergraduate school. She states she is struggling to choose a major because, "I am afraid that it may not be God's will."

What steps will you take to help her navigate this impasse? Why?

How might your personal position influence how you address this client's concerns?

I am attaching a file that contains the instructions for the entire assignment so that it may clear up any questions you might have. I am also attaching an article that was read prior to completing the other two sections of the assignment.

Thank you!

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This solution provides guidance on how a Christian counselor might help a student in dealing with decision-making and God's will. The solution considers how the counselor's personal position might influence how the client's concerns are addressed.

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