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    Psychotherapy Applications

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    One way in which psychotherapy can be defined is by the theories which support their processes. But is theory critical in providing quality psychotherapy or is it more important to be proficient in techniques? This probably is a lead to the questions whether psychotherapy is more art than science. From your understanding of the types of the types of psychotherapies, explain the importance of the science behind psychotherapy. Is psychotherapy more art than science? Explain...

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    In essence, theory is critical in providing quality psychotherapy, and it is not necessarily more important to be proficient in techniques, due to the fact that both the high-level proficiency in techniques will lead an individual to being a more effective and efficient practitioners psychotherapy. An understanding of theory is critical in being able to effectively apply the vast knowledge that is contained within theoretical perspectives, and due to the fact that most theories are based on years of research, as well as trial and error, it is pertinent that individuals make use of these theories in order to improve their abilities as a psychotherapist.

    A high-level proficiency in ...