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    Counseling/Psychotherapy and Social change

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    A summary of your thoughts about how an understanding of counseling and psychotherapy theories can contribute to one's development as a scholar-practitioner who effects social change.

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    Practitioners draw on a wide range of theories and counseling orientations in their various practices and treatment approaches. There are a number of social forces that operate to influence services that scholar-practitioners provide to clients. Archer & McCarthy (2007) demonstrate in their work that the field of counseling and psychotherapy is changing, and the scholar-practitioner must consider changes that can influence their professions.For instance, current practices within clinical practice must give attention to issues of diversity, managed care, research outcomes and sexual orientation. For example, according to Russell & Bohan (2007), society has tended to separate the scholarly aspects of psychotherapy to avoid dealing with the social and political ...

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    This solution summarized how counseling and psychotherapy contributes to the scholar-practitone who effects social change.