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Counseling and Psychotherapy

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How can the field of counseling be of interest to me

What is couseling all about

What is the art and science of counseling

How can the field of psychotherapy be of interest to me

What is psychotherapy

What is the art and science of psychotherapy

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How can the field of counseling be of interest to me? What is counseling all about? What is the art and science of counseling?

The field of counseling is of interest to me due to its primary focus on immediate behavioral adjustments and the short term nature of the therapy. I have found, through experience, that counseling can be extremely effective with various disorders and allows clients to invest in their own changes by participating in therapy. Because counseling is mainly focused on the "whats" regarding what is actually presenting in terms of behavior and less about the "whys", it allows for quicker changes that help clients cope and mitigate issues.

Below are some main points about what counseling is all about and what the art and science of counseling can be.

Counseling - (Schimelpfening, 2013)

• Technically, the word counselor means "advisor" and involves many types of situations including therapeutic, financial planning, spiritual guidance and many other types.
• Mainly focuses on advice giving and the immediate treatment of presenting behaviors.
• It is ...

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