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Abnormal Psychology

Neurophysiology of Vision, Audition, and Motor Control

1: What are the five senses? What is the nature of sensation and perception, as they apply to the five senses? In your opinion, which is more important, sensation or perception? 2: Describe how vision, hearing, and motor control are affected in a person who suffers from a stroke.


There have been several classic experiments to study and describe classical conditioning; one of the more famous is the Little Albert experiment. Over the years, the experiment has lost some of its validity due to numerous interpretations by several introductory psychology textbooks. It is, therefore, beneficial to go back to th

Autistic Disorder: Summary

What are the main characteristics of Autistic Disorder? What are the diagnostic criteria? What type of accommodations can typically be found in elementary and middle school educational settings to help students with autistic cognitive and language impairments?

The Context of Violence

Statistics report that much of family violence goes unreported. From what you have read and seen in the script "Domestic Violence,". -how it makes sense, from a systems perspective, for the incident to go unreported to authorities. -As a family therapist, how would you work with a client family currently experiencing some t

On Intelligence

Please present several different theories of intelligence, as well as how intelligence may be been enhanced.

Ethical Dilemma - Physical Attraction to a Client

Attached is a file that contains a scenario that I need some ideas on in regards to what 4 different Code of Ethics say about physical attraction/romantic relationship with a client and when and if it is possible. See attached for further details. Thanks!

Topic for Psychopathology Research Paper

I am looking for assistance with choosing a topic for my final research paper for my Abnormal Psychology Class. There are two specific topics that I am interested in: Schizophrenia and Dissociative Disorder. I was hoping to go for something controversial regarding one of the two disorders, perhaps involving medication/treatment

Verbal Learning.

What is verbal learning? What variables have an impact on the acquisition and retention of information? Can I have two different views?(definitions and explanations) Just to get a better understanding of this subject. The more information, the better.

Critical analysis of a peer reviewed article in the field of gifted education. Includes overview and analysis of the purpose, methods, procedures, results, limitations, and rigor of the study.

Locate one primary source research article that deals with behavior or psychology in general. The article should not be more than four years old. After your research, answer the following questions: What was the purpose of the research? (Hint: In a typical research paper, this will be located in the introduction.) What w

Lobotomies and Commissurotomies

Were lobotomies just bad luck? The decision to perform commissurotomies on epileptic patients turned out to be a good one; the decision to perform prefrontal lobotomies on the mental patients turned out to be a bad one. Was this just the luck of the draw? Please discuss specific steps that researchers could have taken to prevent

Glial Cells

Select two glial cells. Describe their structure and functions in the nervous system. (300 words)

Challenge ending a counseling session

Could you please describe a personal or professional challenge you think you would encounter when ending a session with a client who discloses a critical piece of information at the end of a session, including what specific steps you would take and why you would take them? For example, David, a 15-year-old, has been your clie

Societal Effects of Prostitution

What would be the consequences for society if we could effectively halt the practice of prostitution? Should we do this even if we could? Could prostitution ever by organized such that it did not result in the exploitation of women? If you cite work please list so I can follow up and continue my research for th

Self-Efficacy and Motivation

Using: Schultz, D. P., & Schultz, S. E. (2008). Theories of personality (9th ed.). Florence, KY: Wadsworth/Cengage. (and an additional article) From behavioral perspective: -What is the relationship between self-efficacy and motivation? -What are the roles of self-efficacy and motivation in the counseling proces

Substance abuse

Typically, substance abuse is viewed as an individual problem, and the addicted family member is treated apart from the family system. Using attached files: -how substance abuse can be viewed as a coping mechanism and as an indication of an underlying family issue. -how addiction impacts the family as a system.

Applied Project

Background I need some assistance formulating my research question for the topic on adult learning. The focus is the challenges adult learners face returning to college those 25 or older to include how they are different than younger learners yet the educational environment instruct using the same methodologies as younger l

Assumption in Physiological Psychology and the Brain-Behavior Link

1. What are the major underlying assumptions of physiological psychology? What effect do these assumptions have on psychology? 2. What are some techniques or research methods used to examine the link between the brain and behavior? What are some findings in biological psychology that can result or have resulted from these t

Roots of Theoretical Foundation

Need assistance with examining and analyzing your assumptions and values of certain aspects of the therapeutic process by answering the following: -View of human nature--"Discuss how you view human nature. Do you see humans as pleasure seeking, as generally good natured, or as tabulae rasae? -View of pathology--"Do you vi

Abnormal Behavior-Dsm IV TR

Briefly describe the multiaxial approach of the DSM IV TR. Debate the advantages and disadvantages of having a classification system to diagnose abnormal behavior.

Emotional Intelligence Skills and Abilities

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent? What particular skills or abilities would an emotionally skilled individual possess? Explain. Conversely, what would characterize an emotionally UNintelligent person? What are some of the problems that this person would face?

Advocacy in the Counseling Profession

Provide a description of what you would advocate for and how you would do so. Be specific. Describe and explain strategies you would use and how you would use them. Then, using your example, explain why it is important for mental health counselors to be advocates.

Psychological care of LGBT clients

A description of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender clients. Describe at least two techniques and/or skills that you would use when working with clients from that group or culture. Finally, explain challenges you might encounter as you examine your own values, biases, and attitudes about this group or culture and how you wo

Nurturing Inherited Traits

Some scholars hypothesize that perfect pitch is an inherited trait that must be nurtured and developed in order to survive. What other perceptual abilities may have an inherited and a learned component? Please provide three or four examples with explanation as to why.