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Cultural Implications of Tests and Measurement

Please discuss two or more issues related to testing and two or more implications of tests and measurement in either a clinical or educational setting. Post references.

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There are a myriad issues related to testing in both clinical and educational settings. One critical issue is cultural bias. The language used to write standardized tests is often culturally loaded, placing culturally diverse students at a serious disadvantage. Students who do not speak English, as their first language, are required to take the tests, and held to the same standards as native English speakers. This does not allow ESL students a fair chance to demonstrate their intelligence. These test scores often unfortunately determine a student's educational future (SAT, ACT), thus further subjugating culturally diverse students.

Another issue related to testing is the validity of the tests themselves. Are standardized tests truly a valid measure of student performance? Oftentimes the answer is no. Multiple choice-type ...

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This solution provides a 485 word response discussing several issues related to testing in an educational setting. References are also provided.