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The major job attitudes

What are the major job attitudes? In what ways are these attitudes alike? What is unique about each?

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The major job attitudes are:
Job satisfaction: a positive feeling about one's job resulting from the evaluation of its characteristics.
Job involvement: The degree to which a person identifies with a job , actively participates in it and considers performance important to self-worth. It is closely related to psychological empowerment which is the employee's belief in the extent to which they impact their work environment, competence and the meaningfulness of their jobs.
Organizational commitment: The degree to which an employee identifies with a particular organization and its goals and wishes to maintain membership in it.
There are three separate dimensions to orgnzational commitment:
Affective commitment: the emotional attachment to the organization and a belief in its values.
Conitnuance commitment: the perceived economic value of staying with ...

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In this solution the major job attitudes are assessed.