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Primary Determinants of Performance in Jobs

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We've studied some aspects of motivation. We've discussed personality. Finally, we've discussed job characteristics. Which of these, in your opinion, is the primary determinant of performance in most jobs? Support your decision with anecdotes drawn from your personal experience, the experiences of others.

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In my opinion, the primary determinant of performance in most jobs seems to be a combination of one's attitude toward the work and one's personality (I know I technically mentioned two, but I see the infusion as key). First, my attitude that I bring to my job strongly affects my mood, which also impacts others around me. As a teacher, for example, when I initiated a positive attitude toward my students and encouraged them to learn, I found that both they and I succeeded since attitude really sets the pace and climate for achievement.

Because our attitudes are comprised of our beliefs, lasting feelings, impressions, and behavioral tendencies, I see them as so critical to predict how we are going to behave, react, interact, and produce on the job. They influence how we are emotionally or affectively with others and tasks, since they embody our feelings. They also influence how we critically think and work since they also affect our cognitive processes. They also intersect since they impact our actions and responses since attitudes also have a definite behavioral component, too.

Research also attests how workers' attitudes also affect job performance, as one article shows:

The article reveals how attitude, especially job conscientiousness, is definitely used as a strong predictor of job performance, "because of it is one of the Big Five dimensions that is good in all jobs." Using nursing as a prominent example, the attached ...

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