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    Reliability and Validity

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    After reading the (attachment below) using the drag and drop study activity, identify one reliability concept and one validity concept that you find more challenging. Explain the concept as you understand it, and illustrate how it applies to an assessment tool.

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    Note: This is a subjective question, and should be answered from a personal perspective; however, I have tried to choose examples that you may find challenging

    Parallell-forms reliability

    As the parallel-Forms reliability indicates, it is a comparison on the reliability of two tests. In a procedure that exemplifies the use of this method , a study was conducted at the University of Minnesota (Johnson & Weiss (n.d.) in which reliabilities of adaptive test based on a Bayesian strategy and conventional tests were used to compare the reliability two tests on their lengths (i.e., number of items administered). The Bayesian Test Adaptive Strategy is designed to gain knowledge concerning the benefit of two treatments. In the Johnson & Weiss study, it was used to compare tests. Both tests consisted of five-alternative multiple choice vocabulary items. The results showed ...

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    This solution identifies challenging reliabilityand validity concepts.