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Operant learning scenario

Betty doesn't sleep in her own bed. Her parents' are trying to teach her to sleep in her own bed and not watch T.V.
Learning has taken place for Betty and her parents. How has learning taken place for the child as well as her parents? Explain in operant learning terms.

If Betty's parents asked you for advice on how to ensure that Betty is able to sleep alone in her room what would you tell them? Why? (Use operant conditioning to explain what they should do.)

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It seems apparent that Betty's parents had previously allowed her to fall asleep in front of the TV as she would watch it. They may have left her sleeping with the TV on with the seemingly good intention of not wanting to interrupt her sleep. This may have happened several times before Betty's parents realized it was becoming a habit they wanted to help their daughter break.As a result Betty has been conditioned to spend the entire night sleeping in front of the television instead of in her own bed. She came to ...

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The following solution describes a scenario in which operant learning can be used by parents to help their child unlearn a certain behavior.