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A Comparison of Learning and Performance

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Describe the concept of learning.
Distinguish between learning and performance.
Compare and contrast the conceptual approaches to the study of learning.
A minimum of three scholarly sources is required for this assignment.

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Learning refers to a change in behavior or knowledge that is due to some experience. Fo rinstance, learning can help explain phenomena ranging from expressed fears to the development of personality traits. As an example, based on the theories of conditioning, affective or emotional components associated with attitudes can be changed through learning processes. Several theories have been proposed to explain changes in fears or phobias based on principles of conditioning. Conditioning involves learning association between an individual and events that occur in his or her environment. The most popular theories of conditioning related to learning were introduced by Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov theories include two forms of conditioning: classical and operant conditioning.

Classical conditioning is a type of learning in which a stimulus (sights, sound smells, etc) is required to evoke a response. An example of a classical condition ...

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This solution compares and contrasts the concepts of learning and performance. Several theories are presented to explain changes in behavior based on principles of conditoning as it relates to learning.

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