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    Operant conditioning defined along with types of it.

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    Answers the question as to what operant conditioning is, and explains the terms reinforcement, punishment, and extinction and how they operate in operant conditioning. Also describes what behavoirs are best learned by which operant conditioning technique.

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    "B. F. Skinner used the label operant learning to indicate that the response operates on the environment to produce a certain outcome" (Terry, 2009, p. 123). Continuous availability to the response is allowed in operant conditioning (e.g. the bar press is always available in the Skinner Box). Learning occurs in this controlled environment (e.g. the Skinner Box), such that a response (e.g. pressing a bar) is learned by the delivery of food (e.g. the reinforcer) through the chute. The outcome, in operant conditioning, is determined by the participant's response to the environment (Terry, 2009).

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    This solution defines operant conditioning along with positive reinforcement, extinction, punishment, and behavior modification. Also gives examples of behavior and what type of operant conditioning would best promote learning.