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Abnormal Psychology

Pressures and Challenges

Present yourself as either a partner in a gay or lesbian couple or a grandparent raising a grandchild. Discuss the pressures and challenges you face from your family of origin as well as from society. What are some other issues that may add complexity to your family;s "gender, age, social class, ethnicity? What are you looking f

Applied Behavior

Select a behavior that you wish to change in yourself ( Stop Smoking) and design a basic behavior modification program to change this behavior. Discuss the behavior to be changed and write a target behavior definition. Choose the best program of behavior modification for your target behavior. In your discussion, includ

The Stigma Related to Taking Psychotropic Medications

The stigma related to taking psychotropic medications often hinder clients from adhering to suggested medicinal recommendations. Explain some of the physiological reasons why it may be in the best interest of a client take psychotropic medications. what are the beliefs regarding the use of psychotrophic medications? How will thi

Journal articles

Discuss theory and/or research related to adolescent morality. How does it apply to the adolescents of today, or, more specifically, to someone you know? Use specific examples where possible. Analyze the impact of adolescent ethnic culture on development. Be sure to use information from the articles you found for this unit.

Measurent and Statistics

Compare and contrast clinical and counseling psychologists in relation to their use of psychological tests.

Quantitative and Qualitative Measures

Ken was in a science documentary with ten other children. His mother, Jane, believes he was not shown as positively, or given as much time in the documentary, as the others were. Assume you are hired to analyze the Ken's mother's claim, and you find she is correct in her belief, what are the qualitative and quantitative measu

Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques foot-in-the-door technique, reciprocity technique, scarcity technique For each of the three, describe the processes involved, and explain why such techniques are successful in persuading certain audiences, but are likely to fail with others. In addition, examine the overall resistance to persuasion. Altho

theoretical orientation

Clearly compare and contrast the various theoretical orientation to discuss, and choose theoretical orientation you believe is most effective and explain. In the process, identify one situation which the chosen orientation might not be useful.

Describe family and cultural considerations in treatment planning

What are the family and cultural considerations (for treatment) in the case study of "Lisa"? Please give detail. Lisa case study; Lisa (32) is a heterosexual-identified Mexican American female and mother of twin boys (8) who has come to your agency to address substance abuse concerns at the suggestion of her defense att

Biological predispositions

What are the the biological predispositions in the case study of "Lisa?" Lisa case; Lisa (32) is a heterosexual-identified Mexican American female and mother of twin boys (8) who has come to your agency to address substance abuse concerns at the suggestion of her defense attorney. In your initial session with Lisa, you lea

Unconditional Positive Regard

Give a brief example of real of fictional story of what it would be like for a child who received unconditional positive regard from one or both parents. Please give some example of what constitute a parent unconditional positive regard toward their children? Democratic parenting maybe considered the healthiest form of p

Integrated Therapeutic Approaches

Which populations and/or client issues are best addressed using an integrated approach that consists of existential and person-centered therapy?

Applied Behavior

1. Bobby's room is in a constant state of disarray. His father, Mr. Kelley, would like to increase his son Bobby's frequency of cleaning his room. A behavior modification program incorporating the concept of operant conditioning will be used to address this problem. Please answer the following questions: 1. Identify the target

Humanistic Perspective

It has been said, "The paradox of human nature is that it is only in an environment of acceptance that we change."(Unknown author) Unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuineness are the characteristics Rogers believed would lead to growth. The feeling that love or acceptance is conditional leads to the stifling of grow

co-dependency issue

This solution offers research to assess the co-dependency issue as well as the definition of codependency.

Using the transtheoretical model with motivational interviewing.

Create a dialogue (of your own) that shows how you might counsel a client who is in different stages of change according to the transtheoretical model (TTM) for career development (e.g., Precontemplation) and dealing with drug addiction (e.g., Action). Apply the four principles of Motivational Interviewing in your scenario al

mental health among the homeless

You're taking your opinionated brother-in-law from the U.K., Larry, to the WalMart when he spots a homeless person gesturing wildly and talking to himself. "I don't get it," he says. "Why would anyone want to live like that? That guy needs to get on some medications and go to work and contribute to society like the rest of us!"

Critical Thinker Accepting a Statement

Would a critical thinker accept the following statement as valid? If so, why? If not, what detracts from the statement? According to Dr. Henry Smith, many published articles have proven that success only comes to those who think positively. Why is this true?

Counseling and Multitasking

I need some ideas on how to go about answering the following prompt: In your own words, define the practice of multitasking as presented in this course. How would one who multitasks read and apply Jesus' admonition, "By patience possess your souls"? To me, and based on the presented material for this course, the practice

Questions to Ask to Reveal a Company's Policy on Diversity

I have to conduct an interview with a Human Resource Manager and it will be specific to diversity and the group would be Hispanic employees. What I have to determine is the organization's current policy on diversity. What questions would you ask the Human Resource Manager and what would you indicate as best practices and how w

Trend article discussion

· Summarize your attached article. · Explain the impact of the trend discussed in your selected article on research in the field of psychology.

Outline Final Paper with Annotated Bibliography

Hi Xenia Jones, I have already written my 10 page final paper, APA formated, references, and instruction on what I was supposed to be writing about on my final paper. I need your expertise with outlining my final paper with annotated bibliography? My paper is due 2/4/2012 Here the link that shows examples: http://owl.engl

Measurent and Statistics

Discuss the various uses of item-branching technology. Think of your experience with commonly administered tests (e.g., GRE, ACT, U.S. Constitution test, driver's license test, visual and hearing acuity tests) and discuss how this technology could be helpful in the development and administration of these tests.

Questions of Ethics

1.) Do you think that it is difficult to make ethical decisions? Why or why not? 2.) Which step in the ethical decision-making process is the most important? Why? Which step in the ethical decision-making process is the most difficult? Why?

Can you give a description of the spiritual-well-being scale?

Offer a description of the Spiritual well-being scale and summarize the reviews of the test found in Mental Measurements Yearbook. Explain the purpose, format, design, psychometric properties, reliability, validity, strengths and weaknesses for the spiritual well-being scale found in the Mental Measurements Yearbook.