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Abnormal Psychology

Roots of Theoretical Foundation

Need assistance with examining and analyzing your assumptions and values of certain aspects of the therapeutic process by answering the following: -View of human nature--"Discuss how you view human nature. Do you see humans as pleasure seeking, as generally good natured, or as tabulae rasae? -View of pathology--"Do you vi

Abnormal Behavior-Dsm IV TR

Briefly describe the multiaxial approach of the DSM IV TR. Debate the advantages and disadvantages of having a classification system to diagnose abnormal behavior.

Advocacy in the Counseling Profession

Provide a description of what you would advocate for and how you would do so. Be specific. Describe and explain strategies you would use and how you would use them. Then, using your example, explain why it is important for mental health counselors to be advocates.

Psychological care of LGBT clients

A description of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender clients. Describe at least two techniques and/or skills that you would use when working with clients from that group or culture. Finally, explain challenges you might encounter as you examine your own values, biases, and attitudes about this group or culture and how you wo

Chinese Culture and Latin Culture and the Male gender

Chinese Culture and Latin Culture and the Male gender, identify these cultures. Explain the socialization, gender beliefs and behaviors, and self-concept that a person of the gender you selected would receive/develop in each of the Chinese culture and Latin culture Explain how the socialization, gender beliefs and behaviors, an

Sleep and Immunity.

Sleep and Immunity. Discuss the role of sleep in immune function and health.

Self-esteem and trait theories

What would the trait theories postulate about people with low self-esteem? How would the trait-theory perspective describe low self-esteem in the words of one of its theoretical models?

Person-centered approach/Carl Rogers

-Discuss how a Rogerian perspective would explain the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people with low self-esteem. -According to the Rogerian perspective what are the causes for low self-esteem? -How does this theoretical orientation suggests a means to assist people in overcoming their sense of low self-esteem?

Viewpoints on the Person-Centered Approach

Using the attaached Kirschenbaum and Jourdan article, "The Current Status of Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach, these areas are examined: -What are the similarities and differences between the person-centered approach and other, more outcomes-based approaches. -Describes why the person-centered approach may

Cause and Effect

Example: In our daily lives, we often conduct little experiments to detect cause-and-effect connections. If you are interested in gardening, for example, you might try adding plant food to one bed of flowers but not another and then ask the question: Does the use of plant food (the independent variable) affect the size of the f

Article Comparison

Obtain an article on a psychology topic - one article from a scholarly journal and one from a popular media source such as Psychology Today and other similar journals. Think about the differences you find between the scholarly article and the article from the popular media source. How do the styles differ? Is one more reliabl

Empathy Practice for Clients

Review the client's comments and statements in the script for a mock role-play session (See Attachment). Complete the counselor's sections of the script by replying only with empathic responses.

Case Study: Empathy

After reading the Theories in Action: Person-Centered Counseling role-play (see attachment). In what specific ways, verbally and non-verbally, did the counselor in the person-centered role-play convey empathy? Describe how you could see that he was "being" with the client and creating the therapeutic environment. If you were wor

Contrast the difference between intelligence and achievement.

Provide an explanation of the difference between intelligence and achievement. Then briefly describe the two environmental and/or biological influences you selected. Explain the effects of each influence on intelligence and achievement. Be specific and provide examples from resources.

Strategies for Information Gathering and Screening and Assessments

Describe the information-gathering strategies you learned about in this course and how they would be useful to you as a clinician doing the assessment report. Which assessment strategies are most comfortable for you to use and which do you see as challenging? Explain why.

Proxemics and haptics in counseling

Please explain appropriate use of proxemics and haptics in a counseling session with an African American (black) client (and the counselor is white).

How to augment listening skills and empathy.

It is common for beginning counselors to acknowledge they are good listeners. This trait is often cited as a reason for pursuing a career as a counselor. What do you know about the relationship between being a good listener and employing empathy? In other words, what have you learned about the therapeutic process and building ra

Effects of Natural Resource Depletion

How do you feel about the assertion that industrialized nations are depleting natural resources, particularly from developing countries? Explain your answer. What are the short-and long-term effects of such depletion?

List two effective characteristics and/or behaviors in the case study.

I need at least two effective characteristics and/or behaviors in the case study and explain why they were effective. I need at least two ineffective characteristics and/or behaviors and explain why they were ineffective. Explain what impact the presence of effective and ineffective characteristics/behaviors might make on th

Workplace relationships are encompassed.

Provide a short explanation of a workplace relationship of the chronic complainer that was not as positive as you desired Describe how you can or could have chosen differently to perhaps generate a more effective outcome.

Advice to maintain a work-life balance is provided.

Work-life balance has become an important area of discussion considering the long hours that many people work given the global economy. What are some ways to maintain a work-life balance while moving up the career ladder, raising a family, and maintaining a healthy relationship with a spouse or partner? Explain why you believe t

Differential Reinforcement and Behavior

Provide a written example of a behavior problem to which a Differential Reinforcement method may be applied, and how you would address the problem with one such approach (specify a procedure).

The Biology of Beauty

Please explain exactly how and why evolution works to sculpt all human behavior (not just mating preferences). Discuss witnessed life observations and experiences on how men and women try to find mates (sex partners, boy/girlfriends, spouses, etc.) are consistent or inconsistent with parental investment.