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    potential legal/ethical issues face concerns to Connecticut

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    Jose is a 35 year old man; he tells you he has been dating Carl for six months and recently learned that Carl is HIV positive. Jose and Maria are married having two children together. He has been sleeping on the coach for at least 9 months. Maria is agitating for a third child. Jose tells you that he is beginning to weaken about giving her a third child. He has not tested for HIV, so does not know his status. He tells you he can not tell Maria anything because she would prevent him from seeing their children, which would be devastating to him.

    -What are the potential legal/ethical issues faced as it concerns to the state of Connecticut?
    -What possible courses of action are there?

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    (1) What is the potential legal/ethical issues faced as it concerns to the state of Connecticut?

    The therapist has the responsibility in promoting the welfare of each family member in family therapy. A legal mandate is set forth that requires counselors and/or therapists to reveal information in which clients may harm self or others based on the 1976 landmark decision of Tarsoff v. Regents of California. As potentially applicable to this case, some "duty to protect" laws apply to situations involving a professional's knowledge of intentional or reckless HIV transmission to a person in which the practitioner knows the identity (Applebaum & Rosenbaum, 1996). Further, HIV status disclosure is linked to confidentially and privacy, and the person with HIV must be responsible to community and society (Obermeyer, Baijal, & Pegurri, 2011).

    Connecticut has laws governing testing of persons with HIV that prohibits HIV testing without ...

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    This solution discusses a specific case study based on the landmark case of Tarasoff vs. Regents of University of California