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Adler's theory of fictional finalism and self image

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Please help with the following problem. Include references as part of the solution.

Review briefly Alfred Adler and his theory of fictional finalism and self image. Include references in the solution.

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Adler's theory of fictional finalism and self image is briefly articulated and referenced in this solution. The explanation is given in around 200 words. References are included as part of the solution.

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Welcome to BM! Please rate 5/5 for my 200 words of notes and references to model some ideas. I'm honored to assist you on your future academic endeavors. Your business is valuable to me! Thank you so much for using BrainMass.com!

As you assess Adler's theory of fictional finalism, he sees goals as eminent but changing as in "Every psychological activity shows that its direction is governed by a predetermined goal. However, soon after a child's psychological development starts, all these tentative, individually recognizable goals, come under the dominance of the fictitious goal, a finale that is regarded as firmly established" ...

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