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Abnormal Psychology

Research Design Questions

In schools and colleges across America, learning is often measured by testing students. Consider this hypothetical example: A teacher wants to determine whether a new teaching strategy would improve student performance more than the old teaching strategy. The teacher designed a simple study incorporating the old strategy with ha

Contextual Therapy Strategy

1. What is contextual therapy? 2. What is the main strategy used by contextual therapists? 3. What is the relationship between parentification and destructive entitlement? 4. What interventions would be used to decrease the impact of parentification over generations using contextual therapy?

Gender and Brain Functionality

According to brain research (Jensen, 2008), there are known differences in cerebral laterality between males and females. Although our brains are unique, some may believe it is politically incorrect to say there are gender differences and others may stick to the old understanding that males and females are different. or some ed

Psychometric Adequacy: The Rorschach

What is the psychometric adequacy of a test? According to Groth-Marnat (2003), debates regarding the psychometric adequacy of the Rorschach have created one of the greatest controversies in the history of psychology. Discuss the key issues surrounding this controversy and their implications for how the Rorschach should be used

Quantitative and Experimental Methods

Quantitative Methods: Explains how survey and experimental methodsâ?"including components, terminology, elements, statistics, etc.â?"are similar and different. Also, determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a survey or an experimental method. Examine the reasons why reliability and validity are

Trust in Groups Importance

Trust is an important component to running a successful group. Explore ideas that could help to facilitate the establishment of trust within a group. What factors do you think are likely to lead to trust or distrust within a group setting? What do you see as the major barriers to developing trust in a group setting?

Counseling: Financial Dilemma

You are treating a young adolescent who has a mild mental disability. He demonstrates serious peer relation problems (i.e. his classmates pick on him and make fun of him and he lacks social skills to deal with this). He has poor self esteem, gets frustrated easily, and responds with occasional temper outbursts. You have develope

Briefly define three of Henry Murray's needs.

List and define three of Henry Murray's needs. For one of the needs, provide an example of an occupation that would help to satisfy that need and explain why. For another need, describe how the need can cause trouble for a person in an occupational role.

Case Study: Independent Group Designs

You developed a new drug that you believe is effective in reducing appetite. As a result of some preliminary research, you have been given a small grant to design an experiment that tests the effectiveness of this new drug on morbidly obese individuals. Clearly describe the potential threats to both the internal and external

Ethical Case Study

An applicant with a provisional offer of employment, is required to earn certain scores on several selection tests among other job application requirements. He had significant trouble with one of the required tests, and his score was low enough that he would have failed the assessment and would be ineligible for hire if this had

T-Tests: Directional vs. Non-Directional

Please help with the following abnormal psychology problem. Step by step discussions are provided. When designing an experiment, the research hypothesis may be directional or non-directional. 1) Identify the differences between a directional and non-directional hypothesis. 2) Discuss how the directionality is relat

Gestalt Empty-Chair Technique

Please help with the following problem. Identify a hypothetical counseling scenario (client's presenting concern) in which you would appropriately use the Gestalt empty-chair technique. In your answer, briefly describe how you would actually implement the empty-chair technique and provide a rationale for its use.

Qualitative vs. Mixed Methods Theory of Research

Describe the basic tenets of the qualitative form of theory and the mixed methods form of theory. Analyze the relationship between the two. How do both theories relate to clinical psychology and research in such a field?

Violations of the Code of Ethics

Psychology professionals need to avoid giving false information. One example is someone saying they are a psychologist with a Ph.D. when they only have a Master's degree. What areas will a professional in the field need to be aware of when advertising? What information is acceptable by the Code and what information is seen as a

Analysis and Evaluation of Literature: Policeman or Friend?

I need with an analysis and evaluation of the author's use of literature in the article: Policeman or Friend? Dilemmas in Working with Homeless Young People in the United Kingdom Liz McGrath Nancy Pistrang Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 63, No. 3, 2007, pp. 589--606

Identity Development: Collectivist vs. Individualistic Cultures

How might an individual develop differently in a collectivist versus an individualistic culture? How would the identity have been impacted by the culture they were raised in? Also, how would this person identity differ if they were raised in the other type of culture?

Milgram Experiment

Most psychology textbooks use the Milgram experiment as a way to describe conformity and obedience. There are significant ethical flaws in the experiment, which make it inappropriate by current standards. However, it does lead to some interesting thoughts regarding obedience and conformity. Explain the experiment in detail an