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    The ethical decision-making steps importance and difficulty.

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    This solution answer's the questions and reasons as to which ethical decision-making step is most important, and which ethical decision-making process is most difficult and why. Step 1 is chosen as the most important, and step 15 is chosen as the most difficult.

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    I believe step 1 is the most important in the ethical decision-making process because if you make an error in step 1 (that is in "identifying the situation that requires ethical consideration and decision making"), then every step that follows will be based on an ill formed initial construct (Pope & Vasquez, 2007, Ch. 9). Just like in the scientific method if your initial hypotheses or constructs are in error in ...

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    This solution provides research backed evidence as to which steps in the ethical decision-making process are the most important, and which is the most difficult from this writer's point of view.