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    Assignment detail:

    It is time for the semiannual category review for electronics. You will be assessing space allocations for the category with your team and key vendors. All vendors have submitted recommendations in advance regarding their products, including any new products that the manufacturers will be offering soon. A few vendors who are hopeful to build a business relationship with MV have also submitted proposals regarding introduction of their products in MV's stores.

    The following two situations have emerged with the category review:

    One of the potential new vendors is introducing an innovative video game console and related products that are predicted to be the hot sellers of the upcoming holiday season. Any store that decides not to carry these items could be walking away from significant unit sales and profit margins, according to the manufacturer and selected trade publications. The regional sales manager for this company happens to be a close relative of yours.

    As the category review date nears, a representative for a major television manufacturer provides product samples for the store of its new LCD line. The representative has also discovered your address and sent one model to your home for evaluation.

    Questions need answered:

    What specific ethical issues are presented by these situations? How would you address each situation? Provide a detailed approach to each situation and justify your decisions, taking into account your values, the MV code of conduct, and ethical theories.

    Objective of this assignment is to:

    Identify issues related to recognizing decision problems and propose approaches to managing conflicts of interests.
    Apply the basic elements of ethical behavior to situations confronting leaders and managers in implementing the code of conduct framework in the workplace and their relationship to ethical decision making.

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    // As per the directions, we will discuss about Ethical Issues of the Organization in the present scenario. In this part, we will also discuss about what ethical issues arise in the different situations and what will be the strategies developed to overcome them. Here, we will confer that there are two situations, which include the ethical issues. So firstly, we will talk about the introduction about the Ethical Business Environment.


    In present scenario of business, most of the organizations want to attain their stated goals and objectives according to the time schedule. In the evaluation and analysis of any strategy or issue, it is necessary to apply leadership style and follow the patterns of ethical decision making. Ethical decision making has various steps such as identification of problem, identification of alternatives, evaluation of alternatives, developing the decision, implementation and evaluation of decision. The concept of leadership plays a significant role in directing and controlling group behavior. To address any situation it is necessary to implement the learning theories of leadership behavior which assist the decision maker in approaching a strategic decision.

    This paper describes about ethical issues arise in the given situation and different strategies developed to resolve them. Apart from this, it also describes the ethical theories and different code of conduct to justify the approaches.

    Ethical issues

    Ethical issues are of different types and play a significant role in the acceptance or rejection of any proposal. Ethical issues presented by these two situations lies in different aspects like the sales manager is the close relatives, so there are chance of biasness and partial behavior. Another ethical issue is that the representative sent a model to the home of the key person or analyzer. It is not ethical to accept any gift or sample for the purpose of evaluation of the proposal. According to the ethics and value system, the effort of the representative is not right or we can say it is unethical. In situation one, the regional sales manager of the company has an opportunity to force the analyzer to accept the proposal by the closeness of relationship which is not ethical and comes under the category of wrong behavior (Ethical Theories, 2008).

    In situation two, the effort of the representative to offer a model of the company just for the sake of receiving the acceptance for the store of new LCD line is also not ethical. Both the issue are of major concern and should be handle with due consideration for achieving unbiased decision.

    // Above given discussion is very useful to understand about the fact that the Ethical Issues have a significant role in the Organization. In the above part, we presented the ethical issues in two situations and analyzed what is the difference between these two situations. Now further, we will ...

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