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Teenagers as a Consumer Group

Identify the consumer needs, perceptions and attitudes of teenagers as a consumer group.

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Horn, L. (2011). Online Marketing Strategies for Reaching Today's Teens. Young Adult Library Services, 9(2), 24-27.

Horn asserts that because of teens' technologically savvy lifestyles and preferences, one example is to target them through the use of online social media networks, such as Facebook and blogs, as this denotes effective marketing strategies for this specific demographic group. The article also stresses how teens' technology needs are paramount, especially Facebook. As of "January 1, 2010, 40 percent of Facebook users were between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five, which amounts to roughly 38,676,560 persons between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five in the United States. Chances are, your teens are on Facebook. Maybe not all of them, but enough to make it worthwhile to start up a Facebook account" (25).

The article shows that teens do not like traditional reading methods; instead, "Many of these teens aren't big readers in the conventional way. Or at least they don't see themselves as readers because they don't really like to read books, but some enjoy reading magazines or articles online" (24).

Due to teens' visual perceptions, the ...

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