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Abnormal Psychology

Mental Health Counselling

Watch the "Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenarios" video. Choose either the "too warm" or "too cool" scenario and compare how the counselor in the "just right" scenario manages the assessment process differently. What could the counselor in the "just right" scenario have done that would have been even more effective?

Calculating a T Value

Using the raw measurement data presented below, calculate the t value for independent groups to determine whether or not there exists a statistically significant difference between the salaries of female and male human resource managers. Develop a research question, testable hypothesis, confidence level (i.e. set your alpha leve

Virtues and Utilitarian Ethics

Please help me with this: Case Study: The heart pacemaker is a modern wonder. The device has a timer that resets itself every time the patient's heart beats. If the heart does not beat on schedule (say, within 1.2 seconds), the pacemaker gives a stimulus that causes a heartbeat. But the technology was not always so soph

Examining a Research Design Analysis

Find a research article of your choice. Discuss what the article was about and answer the following questions: - What was the IV? - What was the DV? - What was the experimental design? - What was the statistical analysis? - What was the researcher's interpretation? In your opinion, was this a good research design or no

Data Collection and Evaluation

1. Identify the differences between qualitative and quantitative data collection processes. 2. Identify one of the steps in the program design and evaluation process. 3. Which data collection process will work best to collect information in that step? Why?

Comprehensive Program Design and Evaluation

Please help me complete a comprehensive plan for program design and evaluation using participatory research processes. We Care Shelter provides shelter and various services to help homeless parents with children. Many of the children have exhibited extreme behavior problems, including hitting, biting and destruction of prope

Marijuana Use and Decriminalization

Marijuana is the most prevalent illicit drug used by Americans. In spite of limited scientific evidence, many people believe that marijuana should be made more available for medicinal purposes. Others view this stance as a strategic tactic to decriminalize marijuana. - Defend the position against the decriminalization of mar

Drug Synergism

- Can you explain drug synergism? - In addition to the synergistic interaction between alcohol and other drugs, describe at least one way in which alcohol might contribute to the lethal potential of drug-taking behavior.

Family Therapy Critique

I have this assignment that I need completed. I have an idea how it can be done, but am not confident it is right. So,I have listed my full assignment as I need your guidance on how best to complete it. Perform research on family therapy in the area of marriage therapy, couples counseling or family therapy. Critique one profe

Religion that Does Not Believe in Receiving Blood

An adult patient is a member of a religion that does not believe in receiving blood. The patient receives a colostomy and begins hemmorrhaging. He is unable to voice his objections. On the admission sheet, the area for religion is blank. He has no family. The nurses and doctors want to give blood and you do not want him to die.

Historical and Contemporary Poverty

The Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 established a framework for defining poverty and helping those in need, and it also influenced the delivery of human services in colonial America. Using this framework as a guide, compare and contrast poverty from historical and contemporary perspectives. Because poverty is still a major social i

Substance abuse trends in the United States

Please help me examine substance abuse trends in the United States. Include the following: - Identify past and current trends of the use and abuse of substances in the United States. - Analyze health and social problems in the United States that occur due to drug abuse and addiction (e.g., cocaine, ecstasy, prescription dr

Response Formats

Please help me with a description of two different response formats. Explain the pros and cons for measuring child behavioural problems, in-which the constructs of interest are depression, anxiety and IQ level. The actual purpose of the study is to assess the impact of depression and anxiety on IQ level of the child's perfor

Test Misuse and Ethics

Test Misuse/test ethics cover both the creation and use of tests and the implications of test misuse. These can relate to test use with diverse groups, licensure issues, adverse impact, or test security, to name a few. Think of potential negative effects of tests not being administered, stored, or interpreted according to ethica

Intervention Design

I need help with the following: - Describe an addictive issue or behavioral compulsion amenable to treatment and intervention. - Justify an intervention approach to the selected behavioral issue. - Describe the perceived benefit the behavioral issue treatment has for the field of services for addictive and compulsive be

Human Service Organization

Please help me with this assignment. Any human service organization can serve as a choice. Instructions: For the course project, you will hypothetically be employed in your dream professional position in a human behavioral organization. For this assignment, you will select the organization you will focus on for the fina

Motor Skill Learning and Reinforcement Contingencies

Please help to define the term learning, specifically motor skill learning. In soccer, I need to find a learning situation; as I teach soccer, I need to describe reinforcement contingencies and how I am applying them as I shape the learning of this sport.

Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Question & Therapeutic Alliance

Please help me with the following: Give an example of an open-ended question and one example of a closed-ended question you would ask a client. Then, briefly describe circumstances in which you would use each, and explain why. Finally, suggest one follow-up question for each that would add value to a counseling session, and e

Comparing Classical and Item-Response Theory

When a new test is developed, test developers typically begin by creating more items than are needed. Item analysis techniques such as CTT and IRT are then used. Provide an explanation of advantages and disadvantages of CTT and IRT. Describe two specific circumstances for which IRT might provide meaningful benefits if appl

Norming and Test Use

Please help me with the following: The normative sample used to develop a test has implications regarding the populations to which the normed scores can be generalized. Consider the following excerpt from the Mental Measurements Yearbook review of the Infant-Toddler Development Assessment, paying particular attention to the g

Historical Perspectives of Human Behavior

Please note, I need help on the assignments below: Introduction A commonly held belief is that in order to understand the present, it is important to know and understand the past. As you view the Historical Perspective Timeline and read about the history of human behavior and society in Unit 1, you will see how human needs

Constructing a Questionnaire

I would appreciate suggestions for revising this questionnaire. Thanks. To: All teachers and staff From: Principal Kelly Re: Behavior Incidents during this school year Please complete this survey by Friday and return it to my inbox. Every staff member MUST complete the form. The Board is asking for information about

Program Design and Evaluation

We begin a journey as an Acme Corporation Behavioral Health (a fictional company) intern for a program planning consultation. We will review the fundamentals of program design and evaluation. This includes the logic model and the steps in the program planning process. Additionally, we will explore the potential influence of mult

Article Analysis: Video Game Violence, Multiple Intelligences

Interview with Dr. Craig Anderson: Video Game Violence Sarah Howe Jennifer Stigge Brooke Sixta An Educator's Journey toward Multiple Intelligences Scott Seider Write a summary and describe the main points of the article. Evaluate the article on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topic covered.

Concepts of Chemical Dependency - Psychoactive Drugs

I need help answering the following question: How do psychoactive drugs change the way neurons in the central nervous system communicate? Based on your personal observations or experiences, to what extent do you believe these changes are reversible and irreversible? You may consider social, relationship, and biological observ