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Abnormal Psychology

Ensuring Test Reliability

Can you help me think about factors you might consider and steps you might take to ensure reliability of an intelligence test and why these factors and steps are important? Thanks

Test Item Reliability

Can you provide me with a brief description of a specific testing scenario. Then describe one reliable test item and one unreliable test item for that testing scenario. Finally, explain what determines whether an item is reliable or unreliable within the scenario presented.

Identifying Microskills

Briefly describe specific instances in which each of the following microskills are effectively demonstrated: paraphrasing, active listening, reframing, and reflection. In your description of each instance, explain how the therapist effectively demonstrated the microskill.

Culture and the Process of Death

Using your own cultural background of African decent, describe how your family of origin views the process of death. How does your family grieve or mourn for an older relative who has died? If you have never experienced this, how do you think they would deal with the death of an older relative? What similarities and differences

Neuropsychological Testing - Clock Drawing Test

Select 5 people of any age available and willing to participate in your first attempt at administering neuropsychological assessments. Administer the "Clock Drawing Test". It is easiest to observe behavior if this test is administered one to one. Here are your directions: Materials Needed: 5 pieces of white paper, 1 pencil.

Intelligence Theories - G Factor and S Factor

Explain the difference between the "g" factor and the "s" factor in intelligence theories. Describe how the degree of overlap between the ovals represents the degree of correlation between tests.

Handling and Managing Resistance

The case: You have been asked by the State Corrections Office to implement a reform program in the local Juvenile Corrections Facility. The head of the facility is Louis Jackson, an African-American corrections officer who has risen in the ranks from being a prison guard, and through in-service training and a good work record

Psychology of Persuasion and Corporate Coaching

What are the major key aspects and ramifications of the trend toward utilizing the psychology of persuasion and the trend toward corporate coaching? Identify the implications of these trends for an individual who may be pursuing a career in psychology. Are there trends which impact their career choice?

Eliminating Bias in Quantitative Research

What are some ways a researcher can eliminate bias from subjects or participants in quantitative research? This solution reviews some of the common types of bias and threats to validity in quantitative research such as history, maturation, regression, selection, mortality, diffusion of treatment, testing, and instrumentation. It

Requirements for Case Management

The monitoring of services to a client is important for many reasons. What are some of the reasons that the state and federal government require monitoring of services? What do you, as a clinician, see as a good reason to monitor services and keep case notes?

Remaining Objective and Ethical in Research

What advice would you give to a researcher to put personal beliefs aside and remain objective and ethical? Example: A researcher has a younger brother serving in the Army in Iraq, and the family is extremely proud of the brother's patriotism. Sadly, the brother was recently killed when the army vehicle he was in was bombed. A

Inappropriate Statements in Sexuality Counseling

Can you give me an example of a statement that a sexuality counselor could make in a counseling session that a client might interpret as inappropriate or offensive and explain why? Then explain when, if ever, it might be appropriate to use slang in sexuality counseling sessions.

Research a disorder by using the manual DSM.

The treatment of mental illness is to define a particular disorder. In 1952, the APA published DSM. This manual attempted to classify disorders based on a standardized set of symptoms. Over the years, the manual has been revised with the DSM-IV-TR (text revision, 2000) being the latest one. The purpose of a classification system

Compare and Contrast Validity and Reliability

Can you help me understand the importance of reliability and validity in psychological assessment and compare and contrast the difference between validity and reliability in standardized testing? Please also give me an example of internal validity, external validity, and reliability. Also, why are they both important in standard

Lifespan Development in Psychology

What are two theories of lifespan development and how do they relate to psychology? How does the environment and heredity relate to lifespan development and how do they interact to produce individual differences in development?

Treatment Through Behavior Modification

I am having issues understanding this problem. Jackie has been afraid of dogs since she was a toddler. When she was three years old, she was playing in her front yard when a neighbor's dog came up to her and bit her hand. The bite required a trip to the pediatrician and several stitches. Twenty years later, she can remember e

Psychology Questions about Relationships, Health Issues, etc.

B) You have been seeing a client in therapy for about one year to deal with issues having to do with relationships. The client has had difficulty with relationships in the past. During the course of your therapy with her, the client meets someone, falls in love, and is planning a wedding. She comes into her session very exci

Research Mindset and Skills

Can you provide me an example of a response in which you identify and self-assess your current research mindset and skills?

Freud's structural theory of the mind

Please help with the following problem. Provide a reference to go along with the solution. Critique Freud's structural theory of the mind (i.e. id, ego, superego), and explain how these concepts influence motivation.

Interviewing vs. Testing

The warden at a prison where you work has discovered that parole decisions made by a panel of interviewers often turn out to be wrong, with released prisoners often committing crimes and retained prisoners often demonstrating model behavior. The warden asks the prison psychologist to make a recommendation regarding whether parol

Identifying a Research Plan

Attached to this post is a Research Plan Overview. After reading the Research Plan Overview, locate a published research study (either quantitative or qualitative). Please state the name of the study. While reading your chosen study, locate the elements in the study that correlate with a standard research plan that is attached t

Role of drugs

The role of drugs as part of youth culture and what are the system linkages between the juvenile justice and adolescent treatment system? What clinical and programmatic issues are involved in the planning for substance abuse treatment of juvenile offenders? And what factors are involved in engaging hard to reach and hard to reac

Challenges and Issues in Group Counselling

-What are some challenges that may arise in group counseling? -How will these create anxiety to a new therapist? and -What group counseling approaches or techniques provide the most help in dealing with these challenges?