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Abnormal Psychology

The complexity of dual diagnosis

Jerome is a 48-year-old gay-identified African American male who is seeking housing services at the state facility at which you work. Jerome has a long history of homelessness, a 20-year addiction to crack cocaine, and a history of minor arrests. He has supported himself primarily by repairing old, discarded bicycles and selling

Innate factors impact on motivation

Do you believe that innate factors have more of an impact on motivation than learned factors? Why or why not? (About 100 words needed in the response)

Analyzing Outcome Assessments

Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) Bates, M. (2001). The Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS): Review and Current Status. Clinical Child & Family Psychology Review, 4(1), 63-84. Provide an analysis of the outcome assessment on Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS)

Need assistance with completing an annotated bibliography

Identify seven academic sources on the topic of Mother-Daughter relationships and daughter self-esteem. Does this problem have a positive or negative correlation? For the articles, touch on: - Analyze the methodological structure of reviewed research studies. - Evaluate data analysis techniques in both qualitative and quan

Qualitative Research Article

For the qualitative research article can you find the following related article topic (Mother-Daughter relationships will mediate daughter self-esteem) , provide a brief summary of the article, state how you know the article is qualitative and answer the following questions: 1. What is the problem addressed by this research?

Intervention to Correct Behaviour

The target behaviors for intervention are as follows: 1. Off-task - failure to maintain eye contact with task at hand for more than 3 consecutive seconds 2. Physical Aggression - hitting/pushing/kicking peers/teachers, throwing objects 3. Verbal Aggression - threatening, yelling Consider the following observation

Therapy Models Applied to a Case Study

Describe the dynamics of the Lowndes family from the attached case study using the understanding of family pathology offered by the therapy model. Identify three techniques that you might use in counseling the Lowndes family based on the approach of this particular therapy model. Explain why you would use each technique and

Kohlberg and Moral Dilemmas

Kohlberg asked people to respond to moral dilemmas and then used their responses to determine their level of moral reasoning. Your task here is to write your own Moral Dilemma. Some advice on dilemmas; 1) Kohlberg's dilemmas focus on a person having to choose between obeying a rule, law, or authority figure on one hand or tak

Motivation Diagnoses

What is the DSM? What are the Axes in the DSM, and how are they used (provide an example of each)? Can you explain this new book to me so I can understand what exactly this has to do with anything and how it relates to cognition (various symptoms or etiology). Which Axis or Axes may we find motivation diagnoses? Or what

How to Tell if a Journal is Peer Reviewed

How can you tell if a journal is peer-reviewed? Why might it be important to select research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals? Can you provide a list of three journals that you can locate related to counseling, including the name of the journal, the database the journal can be found in, and the focus of the jour

Psychoactive Medications

Psychoactive Medications There has been much discussion in the media recently about the use of psychoactive medications in children and teens. Examples include the side effects of medications for ADHD and the risk of suicide in adolescents and teens who take certain anti-depressants. Please research both recent news stories o

Sampling Strategies and Sampling Size

I need help in crafting a critique of the sampling strategy and sample size used in the article attached to this help request. I was also asked to include an analysis of how sampling strategy can strengthen or weaken a quantitative research study. See attached pdf for study.

psychology professional release information about an individual

There are times when a psychology professional can release information or talk about individual without using names. Explain under what circumstances this could be acceptable. What happens when the information is identified by a person who may be in attendance at a professional Seminar and believes that the case discussed is a p

HIPAA Laws: The Ethics Code

The Ethics Code has two specific definitions for HIPAA Laws as they pertain to a practice in the field and doing research. Many agencies have their own HIPAA policies and consent form for clients to sign. Today we are using more electronic records in practice and research. Electronic records include sending a complete file, emai

Early Childhood Intervention

During early childhood, the brain reaches about 70% of its total weight with the growth of white matter (protects the brain) and grey matter (responsible for covering cerebral regions). However, the grey matter cells still need to be connected in order to activate the full function of the brain. There are a number of different a

APA Ethics Code and Implications

Sexual harassment is an important issue. The APA Ethics Code specifically states that professionals should not engage in any type of sexual harassment, be it verbal or physical. Imagine you are the clinical supervisor of a mental health/research center. One of your younger clinical employees, Jamie Johns (ABD), has come to yo

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence as a discrete type of intelligence: What evidence is there, for and/or against EI as a separate intelligence and not just a personality domain? What evidence is there, for and/or against multiple, discrete intelligences as opposed to general intelligence or the "g" factor? In fact, are some people more emo

Discussing Organizational Behavior

One of the most valued employees of the department store of which you are the manager, has lately been slipping in his/her performance. You are aware that this employee has been going through bitter divorce proceedings for the last few months. There have been several customer complaints that you cannot afford to ignore. It seems

Organizational Behavior and Motivation

The job of a fire fighter involves being in contrasting situations. In times of disaster, the job is challenging and exciting, while the sense of pride and status is high. At other times, she or he may feel ignored. While fighting fires there is intense activity, but between fires, the job can be tedious, boring, routine, and th

Ethics - Beliefs, Values and Biases

In a 3- to 5-page response, you will integrate information from multiple sources regarding an ethical topic of your choice. You will also explore how personal beliefs, values, and biases can impact ethical decision making and how you will apply the Ethics Code in your future career. The majority of the response will focus on the

Constructing a Survey to Measure Self-Efficacy

Hi, I am having some trouble starting this assignment. I need help with the operational definition of self-efficacy and on constructing a 10-item survey to measure the self-efficacy of counseling students that is based on the predictive design. As well, I need to include a rationale for the survey item, method of data collection

Review Ainsworth Attachment and Separation in One Year Olds

I need help reviewing the following article: Ainsworth, M.S., & Bell, S.M. (1970). Attachment, exploration, and separation: Illustrated by the behavior of one-year olds in a strange situation. Child Development, 41(1), 49-67. Following the structure: - Agreement or disagreement with the authors' main position - Summar

Adolescent reaction to puberty

Please help me discuss adolescents' reactions to the physical changes of puberty, including sex differences, and describe the influence of family and culture in 300 words.

Comparing Quantitative Research Designs

Select two types of quantitative research designs to compare. - Briefly describe each of the designs that you selected. Include the types of samples used to conduct these research methods and the process for selecting a sample. - Explain two similarities and two differences between the designs you selected. - Describe a

Scenario on Substance Abuse and Pregnancy

Scenario for Maria: You are a psychologist working in a women's unit for a substance abuse agency as a member of the treatment team. Your specific job is to conduct individual sessions with clients who have problems that are un-treatable in group therapy. Typically, you provide mental health services for clients who do not ha

Making a research design

I need help with the research design aspect of the following: Target age or age group-12-18 years-adolescent Specific name of the theory (to be sure that we all understand each other, add the name of the theorist too)-Possibly Erickson's Research question (be specific)-Degree of struggle for independence. Research

Levels of measurement and examples

I need help to differentiate between the levels of measurement by providing an example of data that can be transformed from one level of measurement to another and another example of data that cannot be transformed.

Using ethical principles across psychology sub-fields

Professionals in psychology work in different sub-fields: substance abuse, applied behavior analysis, administration, research, therapy, and academia, etc. Explain the importance of the principles in the APA and the Ethics Code in making ethical decisions in your specialized area. What is the best way for you to use these princi

Current Trends: Evidence-Based Practice

Research at least four articles that address the issue of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). Compose an informed answer that includes a discussion of why current trends in psychology are leading toward EBP, and counter-opinions that oppose this trend. Include answers to queries relevant to this issue such as why are EBP important, w