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Abnormal Psychology

Neurobiology of Attachment, Love, and Sex

Can you explain the different types of attachment, how attachment operates in neurobiological terms, and how it relates to love? 250-300 words with scholarly references.

Freud and Death

Freud suggested that death is the end goal of life. He noted that after people experience a traumatic event (such as war), they often reenact the experience. He concluded that people hold an unconscious desire to die, but that this wish is largely tempered by the life instincts. In Freud's view, self-destructive behavior is an e

Discussing Culturally Diverse Groups

Explain how the interactions between culturally diverse groups are affected by their ethnocentric perspectives of each other according to the Humanistic theory.

Epistemologicial prespective and skepticism

Part A Explain the epistemological perspective from the text (or outside sources) that most coincides with your view of truth and the way that the human mind grasps reality. Explain why you find it to be the best explanation of the way that the human mind is able to understand its world. Finally, present your views on whether

Construct Validity Assessments

Please define construct validity. Explain how you might assess the construct validity of a measure for depression, aggression, or anxiety. Finally, explain the influence of reliability of this measure on the magnitude of its validity. Please use scholarly sources, such as journals as referencing materials. Thank you for your

Ethics in Non-Profit Agencies

You work as a behavioral analyst for a private non-profit agency in your town. One Saturday afternoon while at a local college football game, you see one of your clients with her family. You and your family are not sitting near her, but you can see her clearly. You wave to capture her attention and hesitantly, she returns your w

Laws and ethical problems working with clients

Research the federal and state laws that govern your specific field of interest in psychology (child development, behavioral analysis, or substance abuse). Then summarize your research and then describe at least one ethical problem that you might anticipate while working with your fictitious client - 8 year old male, with ADHD.

Research in Psychology

Course textbook: Goodwin, C. J. (2010). Research in Psychology: Methods and Designs I have uploaded this book and you can reach at: http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/5402659/research-in-psychology-pdf-4-3-meg Required reading for Week 1: Chapter 1: Scientific Thinking Chapter 2: Ethics and Appendix B: Ethics Chapter 3: De

Field of Psychology

Is it possible to have a unified or integrated field of psychology, or will psychology always be considered a conglomerate of sometimes conflicting theories and viewpoints? If you could create a unified view of psychology, what would be the main points you would use to describe that view?

Effective Parent/Guardian and Teacher Conferences

What constitutes an effective parent/guardian-teacher conference? Explain two factors that might support and two factors that might inhibit an effective parent/guardian-teacher conference. What is one way in which educational psychology guides the parent/guardian-teacher conference.

The Role of Vocational/Career Counseling

Please assist me on providing thoughts about the role of vocational/career counseling and/or planning in working with clients. Then explain at least two ways in which engaging in the process of vocational/career counseling and/or planning might be valuable to a client. Finally, assist me on describing at least two challenges tha

Career Information Resource Guide

Career Information Resource Guide Template Please assist me on listing six resources that can assist on creating template for career information, and write a brief description of the site/sources, explaining how one would use the information, and designate the client population for which it would be appropriate. The name o

Post-Positivist Research Methods

Describe how one would apply post-positivist research methods to a social issue of interest . Provide an example from the research literature.

Career Counseling and Job Search

Career Counseling Provide the name, URL or information about accessing the source if it is not a Web site, and a brief description of each of the two sites/sources selected. Explain how one would use these sites/sources with the client population. Provide specific examples if possible, that is, describe the client, his/her s

Reliability with Intelligence Testing

Can you please help me with coming up with a description of factors that could be considered, along with the steps that one could take in order to promote and assure the reliability of an intelligence test? Within this discussion please note why these factors/steps are important. Provide references and scholarly sources.

A Discussion Regarding Ethics and Relativism & Animal Rights/Welfare

Part 1 Ethics and Relativism What challenges does relativism presents to various ethical and religious viewpoints. For this, we consider a specific moral question--circumcision--which might make it difficult to accept the relativist's response. Part 2 Animal Rights Do human beings have any obligations to animals

Experiential Learning in Washington D.C.

Read the referenced study. Describe the test and scale used, including the populations, the reliability and validity of each test, and whether the test and scale could be applied to another population. Holtzman, Richard. "Experiential Learning in Washington, D.C.: A Study of Student Motivations and Expectations." Transformati

Scholarly Voice and Writing

To prepare for this Discussion, consider the following: a. What is an effective scholarly voice? b. What is scholarly writing, what are its characteristics, and why does it matter? c. How does the intended audience affect the tone and substance in a piece of writing? d. What do you need to do to develop your scholarly voice

Behaviorism - Watson, Skinner and Pavlov

One of the more famous experiments mentioned in general psychology textbooks is the Pavlov dog experiment, which described unconditioned and conditioned responses. Describe the principles behind the experiment and how it fits into the theories of reflexology. How does reflexology fit into the basic ideas of behaviorism? Behav

Searching for and Downloading Resources: How to tell if they are Peer Reviewed?

I am not sure if I am thinking the right way. I need guidance. I know what to do about the first sentence. I have to explain what is the importance of a peer-review scholarly journal to my professor. the second one I am not to sure. I need to figure out if they are peer-reviewed journals, even though I went to the library and ma

Web Search and Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: the first objective is to encourage you to surf the web locating sites which target health and well-being information; second, you will have the opportunity to read and critically evaluate information, contained on the web. Process: 1. Use a search engine and locate sport psycholog

Mowrer's Two-Factor Theory

According to Mowrer's two-factor theory, avoidance learning combines both classical conditioning and reinforcement. In your own words, summarize how each of these elements contributes to the two-factor theory. Provide an example from your own experience that demonstrates a situation where both factors were involved in learning