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Abnormal Psychology

Scholarly Voice and Writing

To prepare for this Discussion, consider the following: a. What is an effective scholarly voice? b. What is scholarly writing, what are its characteristics, and why does it matter? c. How does the intended audience affect the tone and substance in a piece of writing? d. What do you need to do to develop your scholarly voice

Behaviorism - Watson, Skinner and Pavlov

One of the more famous experiments mentioned in general psychology textbooks is the Pavlov dog experiment, which described unconditioned and conditioned responses. Describe the principles behind the experiment and how it fits into the theories of reflexology. How does reflexology fit into the basic ideas of behaviorism? Behav

Searching for and Downloading Resources: How to tell if they are Peer Reviewed?

I am not sure if I am thinking the right way. I need guidance. I know what to do about the first sentence. I have to explain what is the importance of a peer-review scholarly journal to my professor. the second one I am not to sure. I need to figure out if they are peer-reviewed journals, even though I went to the library and ma

Web Search and Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: the first objective is to encourage you to surf the web locating sites which target health and well-being information; second, you will have the opportunity to read and critically evaluate information, contained on the web. Process: 1. Use a search engine and locate sport psycholog

Mowrer's Two-Factor Theory

According to Mowrer's two-factor theory, avoidance learning combines both classical conditioning and reinforcement. In your own words, summarize how each of these elements contributes to the two-factor theory. Provide an example from your own experience that demonstrates a situation where both factors were involved in learning

Community Psychologist Intervention

Describe how you might intervene as a community psychologist at the individual, small group, organizational, and community levels. Be sure to describe the interventions within an ecological framework.

Online Psychology Resources

- Consider some of the databases and information/research resources and services-not mentioned in that you use and think others would find useful for Online Learning for Psychology Field. - Identify several that you use most and think would be most useful - Think of how you would describe each and what you would say to explain

Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Views

1) From a scientific perspective, psychoanalysis or psychodynamic views have very little validity. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Justify your answer. 2) Why did Freudian psychoanalysis have such a seemingly dominant influence, not on U.S. psychology development, but on popular culture? 3) The humanistic for

Measurements and Design

1) I am having difficulty trying to explain in one paragraph how to differentiate between the levels of measurement by providing an example of data that can be transformed from one level of measurement to another and also another example of data that cannot be transformed. I also have to include in this paragraph an explanation

"Technology Tips for Online students" by Watkins and Corry

In a sentence or two state what you think the authors' main purpose was in writing "Technology Tips for Online students". Describe the extent to which you think the authors accomplished their purpose and how/why it was helpful or meaningful to you.

Stategy for time management

Provide a description of at least one strategy each (for planning, time management, studying, and effective technology use), strategies that are new to you, and explain how/why you think each will contribute to your success as an online learner. Also, share one strategy that you have used in the past, from any of the areas, that

Psychotherapy: A Christian's perspective.

Explain how a biblical counselor would help a depressed person. Keep your answer focused on what a biblical counselor would say causes depression and what the counselor would see as the solution to the problem.

Christian Counseling and Freud

Tan explains Freud's concept of "defense mechanisms" as something "to deal with the pain of anxiety by distorting or even denying reality." He also says that defense mechanisms work in a person's heart unconsciously- in other words automatically with limited conscious awareness. Let's imagine that the anxiousness a person is exp

Christian Counseling and Roger's Theories

Give me an example of a basic theoretical proposition of Carl Rogers that you would consider inconsistent with a biblical view of people and then explain to me why, biblically speaking, you think Rogers is wrong. Support your explanation with evidence from the Scripture.

CBT in Christian Counseling

Explain the hypothesized relationship between feelings, thoughts and behaviors in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Give me three examples of this relationship involving the following three feelings- anger, anxiety and sadness.

Identifying Dysfunctional or Irrational Core Beliefs

Cognitive therapists talk about the need for people to identify dysfunctional or irrational core beliefs and then change those beliefs to something different. Tell me 5 core beliefs that Christians often hold to that you think are dysfunctional or irrational or wrong and what they should replace them with. In other words first t

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (vs. NCDA) - Identify the set of standards that is most closely aligned with your specialty area. - Explain the major similarities and differences between the set of standards you selected and the NCDA standards. - Given your specific specialty area, work setting,

Reflect on the Role of a Community Psychologist

Reflect on current or future role as an agent of social change. Describe how personal values, experiences and cultural background are reflected in your perception of your role as social change agent. Describe how domestic and international political and social issues are likely to influence your role as a community psychologist.

Vocational/Career Counseling Standards

Select one standard from each of the three major sections of the two NCDA standards, a standard that specifically relates to vocational/career counseling that: Provide a brief summary of each of your three selections. Then explain why you chose each standard. Note: place the letter and number of each of the standards you sele

Educational Motivation

Explain educational motivation. Are issues related to motivation in the educational field becoming simpler or more complex? References: Murphy, P. K., and Alexander, P. A. (2000). A motivated exploration of motivation terminology. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 25, 3-53. van Nuland, H. J. C., Dusseldorf, E., & Ma

The Origins of Psychopathology

(a) Analyze the historical and contemporary views of abnormal behavior and psychopathology, (b) describe the origins of abnormal psychology, (c) provide a brief overview of how abnormal psychology has evolved into a scientific discipline, and (d) assess the theoretical viewpoints and interpretations of the biological, psychosoci

Motivation in the Educational Field.

Can you help by explaining educational motivation because I am writing a short paper on whether issues related to motivation in the educational field are becoming simpler or more complex. I am supporting my position by using the Van Nuland, Dusseldorp, Martens, and Boekaerts (2010) and Murphy and Alexander (2000) articles. A

Self-efficacy and self-determination

Can someone help by explaining how self-efficacy and self-determination can influence motivation and student learning, and explain two ways that self-efficacy or self-determination may be used to motivate students? I understand better if you provide examples.

Reliability and Validity of a Survey

I have a 20 page paper to write and I'm stuck. My example is this I am a psychologist working for a consulting firm that specializes in survey development. My firm has been contacted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) to develop a survey that will identify teenagers who are at-risk for driving while intoxicated. M.A.D.