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Abnormal Psychology

Analyzing Ethical Scenarios

Scenario 2: Is It Plagiarism? This scenario is found on p. 18. To prepare for this Discussion: - Review your assigned scenario from the online course text, On Being a Scientist. - Review the "Ethical Issues to Anticipate" section (pp. 87-92) in the course text, Research Design. - Address the questions that follow each s

DSM-IV-TR Multiaxial System

For the DSM-IV-TR Multiaxial System: What are its strengths and limitations? Is the Multiaxial System the best system for diagnosis? What's the alternative to this system or is this all we have?

Discussing Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Developing diverse knowledge about other populations helps improve cultural competency. This competency can be developed through independent reading, attendance at relevant seminars, or supervision from professionals in the field with appropriate backgrounds. Cultural competency is important to the assessm

Exploring and Applying Motivational Theories

Historically, theorists thought of motivation as the causative factor in all change. While today it is still accepted that motivation can be used to both enhance change and extinguish behaviors, theorists generally believe that motivation is only a part of change. They also recognize that motivation may be different for short- a

Social Cognitive Processing: Dual Modes

1. Explain two differences between the dual modes of social cognitive processing. 2. Explain when conscious/controlled social cognitive processing is more likely to occur than unconscious/automatic social cognitive processing. 3. Using the current literature, select an article that measures a conscious or an unconscious soci

Variables that contribute to the risk and resilience of clients

Please provide a brief description of one variable that contributes to the risk and resilience of clients. Then explain why this variable is important to client diagnosis. Finally, explain how this variable might interact with one individual variable in the development of psychopathology. Provide an example.

Conceptualization Of Mental Health and Illness

A brief explanation of the different ways in which mental health and mental illness may be conceptualized in the field of psychology. Explain at least two ways in which this conceptualization may influence your assessment and diagnosis of a client

Motivation and Emotion

Theorists have put forth many different definitions of motivation. Early theorists examined motivation in terms of need reduction, which lead to more theories about human needs. They also studied motivation as the driving force of behavior. The intensity of the need seemed to influence the strength of the motivation to satisfy t

Drug Free Adolescence

- What are the risk factors for adolescent and substance abuse; is it possible to significantly reduce these risk factors? - What kind of a prevention program is needed to accomplish this? - Is the goal of drug-free schools realistic?

Addictions, Cultural Narrative, and Type-A Personalities

(support with recent apa resources) -What extent does the cultural narrative play in the initiation and maintenance of disordered eating and eating disorders? -How are type-A personalities described? -What are the differences between type-A personalities and workaholism?

Use of Risperdal

I need help in defining the prescription brain altering drug; Risperidone (common generic name)/Risperdal (common brand name) and describing its primary use in the United States.

Elements of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

The four elements of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. 1). Evaluate which of the four elements of emotional intelligence (EI) you consider most essential to an effective leader. 2). Why? 3). Provide examples from real life in your discussion.

Developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Leadership

1). Do you think it is appropriate for a leader to spend time developing a team's emotional intelligence (EI)? 2). Why or why not? 3). What would be the advantages/disadvantages? 4). Discuss specific circumstances/influences/parameters that may impact a leader's decision to spend time fostering the development of E

Motivation and Emotion in an Education Setting

Give an explanation of how motivation and emotion are related to change. Then explain how knowledge of this relationship might benefit you being a professional working within an educational setting.

Research Theory, Design, and Methods Definitions

Question assignment - State your definitions of the following terms: philosophy of science, paradigm, epistemology, and ontology. Note that defining philosophy of science is different from asking you about your personal philosophy of your discipline, such as your philosophy of education, or your philosophy of management. The dis

Adult Children and Codependency

Codependency has been criticized for gender bias. -Describe how codependency is created? -What are the arguments against the viewpoint that codependency is gender biased? -In what ways does counseling professionals' codependency help or not help this population?

Defending the Viewpoint that Praise is an Effective Strategy

Defend the viewpoint that praise is an effective strategy. What has been your experience giving and receiving reinforcement for your efforts? Why do you think there are such different points of view? How might biological and environmental factors affect the behavior of the child? How might these factors impact the effectiveness

Information processing model

1) Draw information processing model and describe how it functions 2) Describe key studies and what they demonstrate: Change Blindness Study, Stroop Effect, Flicker Test, Visual Search Task

SSPS Quantitative Research and Analysis

How does SSPS assess one's progress and skills using quantitative reasoning and analysis. To what extent can one use SPSS to inform one's understanding of research?

Exam Question Validity

Imagine that a friend of yours was a student teacher, and they had sent you a copy of four test items (questions) they had written for an exam on American history and government. (This is not the whole test, just a few of the questions.) Because of your advanced training in measurement, they want your comments and suggestions.

What Are Some Positive Effects of College Education?

College education is an important topic to discuss for future success and health. College correlates with better health: College graduates everywhere smoke less, eat better, exercise more, and live longer (Berger, 2008, p.489). What are some other positive effects of college education? What steps can students take to balance edu

Changes in the military

Evaluate the Changes in the Military I. Transformation of the Military A. military and the nation-building efforts B. counterinsurgency strategy of the military C. future of combat II. Efforts and Accountability of the Military A. capabilities and competencies for future problem solving B. President on changes

Television Messages

Given the huge amount of time Americans spend with media and given the potential for media abuse, it's clear that we could all benefit from becoming more thoughtful and responsible media consumers. Questioning media ideologies and becoming more informed about events makes us more mindful about the information we are given. When

Infertility and Sex

What are the impacts of infertility on male, female, and couples' sexual functioning. In addition, what effects can infertility and infertility treatment have in a couple's sexual life and behavior.

Vocational Psychology and Counseling

Please assist me in providing explanation of how the study of vocational psychology and counseling can support one endeavors to become an effective scholar-practitioner committed to positive social change.

Annual Review of Career Development Quarterly

Writing 1-2 paragraph summary of an article in the Annual Review of Career Development Quarterly that addresses or forecasts future trends and challenges in the field of vocational psychology/career counseling. Then share your thoughts on how the trend/challenge addressed in the article might impact vocational/career counseling