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Abnormal Psychology

Does the Unconscious Mind

Most of psychology deals with abstract concepts that are difficult to measure, however not impossible! There are some theorists who do not believe that the unconscious mind exists, therefore making it even more difficult to support. Do you agree or not agree with this? why or why not?

Leadership Theories - Gandhi vs. MLK

How is the leader Mahatma Gandhi similar to or different from Martin Luther King Jr.? What theory or theories (Trait, Position Approach, Style Approach, or Distributed-Functions Approach ) would best account for the actions of this historical figure Mahatma Gandhi? Trait approach. It implies that leaders are born not made and

The rights of a homosexual teacher

Please read the following scenario: "A popular middle school teacher has been singled out by a disgruntled student as being homosexual. The teacher is immediately fired and their teaching certificate revoked. Parents are furious over this action because they are an outstanding teacher who has won many honors for their superi

Cultural Differences: Gender Identity and Sexual Identity/Orientation

Cultural Differences Use the following two multicultural concepts: • Gender identity • Sexual identity/orientation Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze your selected multicultural concepts. Point out their significance in understanding cultural differences.

Creating a Counseling Plan for a Case Study

The following topics, specifically related to the chosen case study, must be addressed in your plan: - Assessment of sexuality (of the individuals involved in the selected case study relationship). - Assessment of the dynamics of the relationship. - Multi-axial diagnostic impression of the client in question. - Integration o

The Case of Mrs. Riley

Case 2: The Case of Mrs. Riley This is Mrs. Riley. She has just been asked to take over a class of third graders who are very energetic and have tried the patience of many teachers. In fact, Mrs. Riley is the third teacher to take over the class this year and it is only November! These students are not only unruly but most of

ABA Sports Psychology Case Study

The Case of Brenda Brenda is 17 years old and plays competitive tennis. In fact, she hopes to get a scholarship to play in college. Brenda's coach asked her to go see a sports psychologist who specializes in ABA because she is having difficulty with her serve. She does not have enough speed and accuracy to win matches. Her co

Social Significance and Detriment of Certain Behaviors

One of the main goals of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is to modify and change behaviors that are detrimental to an individual's growth, development, and/or functioning. Now you will work on deciding the appropriate behavior to target. identify a socially significant behavior and discuss the following: - Why this particu

The Four Major Approaches to Leadership Theory

1) There are at least four major approaches to leadership theory: Briefly compare and contrast the four leadership theories The Trait Approach; this approach has also been called the great person theory of leadership. The Position Approach The Style Approach The Distributed-Functions Approach 2) Select a historic

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient

- What are some fundamental differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment? - For whom and why would use outpatient treatment instead of opposed to inpatient treatment? Please support the response with the ASAM patient placement criteria from the TIPs manual.

Research Methodology Paper: Observations and Sampling

Research Methodology Paper a. Select two of the following research variables: 1) Observation 2) Measurement instruments 3) Sampling 4) Norms b. Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper in which you compare and contrast your selected research variables using multicultural and traditional research methodology. I

Affecting Social Change as a Scholar-Practitioner

We know that culture influences human development, identity and personality, attitudes and beliefs, and healthcare. As a scholar-practitioner, how would you create a positive social change? In doing so, reflect on your future role as a scholar-practitioner. How does the impact of culture on human psychology help us develop as a

Challenges That Arise From Diversity

Describe two current challenges that may arise from cultural differences in today's world. Explain two ways we might address those challenges in your professional life. One focus of cultural psychology is the comparison of individualistic and collectivistic cultures and an examination of how psychological processes are used

Ethics and Motivation

Please help me to understand the APA Code of Ethics which states that psychologists must inform research participants about " incentives for participation". Giving course credit to psychological research participants is ethical, but is it ethical to base students' grades on whether they participate in the research? This is but

What is the concept of ethical decision-making?

1. What is the concept of ethical decision-making? 2. What role does ethical decision-making play in the field of psychology? 3. Do you think it is difficult to make ethical decisions in psychology? Why or why not?

Pharmacotherapy vs. Psychotherapy

Compare pharmacotherapy (drug) therapy with at least one type of psychotherapy (for example, psychoanalysis, Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive therapy, etc.) for psychological disorders. Between the two, which do you think is more effective? Would this be the case for all disorders? Explain.

Future Research in Psychology

See the attached file. Future Research The study of motivation within the field of psychology is a very broad topic, with many different applications. Reflect back on all of the theories of motivation that you explored throughout the course, and all of the motivational studies that you encountered in the Learning Resources

Evaluation Research and Research Methods

See the attached file. Evaluation Research Evaluation research applies the research methods to the assessment of an implemented program or policy. In this week's Discussion, you will connect the research methods presented in this course to evaluation research. To prepare for this Discussion: - Review the resources f

Modeling Technique and the Christy Story

An African American lady named Christy who is "fiercly independent." She has raised her three children on her own after her husband left her and works hard to make sure they are taken care of. Her attitude, motivation, and drive for success have influenced all of her children immensly. Setting a great example for determination,

Diagnosis and Mental Status Case Study

Can you assist me with completing the following based on Clinical Case Study of John (see attachment). -Provide a multiaxial diagnosis for the case. Axis I: Axis II: Axis III: Axis IV: Axis V: -Provide rationale for Axis I and II diagnosis. Diagnosis 1: Code: -DSM-IV-TR criteria: (List the symptoms

Identify correct statistical tests: income diffs by gender

You have been hired to analyze the television viewing behavior of a variety of people. Forty people were surveyed to find out about their TV viewing habits, income level, education and age. Your task is to determine if differences do exist among the groups considered. In the first test you will need to determine whether t

Pursuasive Argument Against Gun Control

Thesis Sentence: The second amendment, without question, gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Gun control is not going to address the real issue of why gun violence happens and gun control laws will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Topic Sentence: Gun control is not going to address the real issu

Operant Conditioning and Corporal Punishment

Is it true that most African American children operant conditioning or time out does not work, taking away a privilege most times does not work, increasing chores does not work even the scare of corporal punishment sometimes does not work, however a parent still must follow through with through with corporal punishment as the la

Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development Theory

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Kohlberg's theory of moral development theory. Which stage of the Kohlberg's theory of moral development, do you think that you are currently experiencing? Provide examples to reinforce your answer.

Appropriate Learning Theory Techniques

1) What do you think about the concept of negative punishment where an unwanted behavior is decreased because of removing something good like privileges? For instance, a child has a temper tantrum in a store, so he/she doesn't get to play with a favorite toy that evening. 2) Positive reinforcement is great, but there are tim

Different Ethnicities and Cultures

Suppose you want to conduct research about self-esteem issues among preadolescents. In terms of different ethnicities and cultures. what are the challenges you would face in finding comparable samples from available subjects?