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    Abnormal Psychology

    Dissociative Disorders Comparison

    A comparison (similarities and differences) of dissociative identity disorder and one other dissociative disorder. Highlight the difference between the disorders in a way that allows you to accurately distinguish between the two when making a diagnosis. Then explain challenges dissociative disorders might present to forensic psy

    Excessive Alcohol Consumption Diagnosis

    Explain your diagnosis. Provide specific supporting information. Describe additional information that might be significant to the assessment, treatment, and welfare of the client. Briefly describe the interventions you would recommend, and explain why you would make these recommendations

    Abnormal Behavior: Dependent Personality Disorder

    Select a person for whom you will complete a diagnostic battery. The person and his or her history should be connected to some legal issue, be it criminal, civil, or juvenile. Introduction of the person or the character you are diagnosing Background of the person and presenting information, including the legal issue he or s

    Antisocial Personality Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment

    Please provide a summary of the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, a brief description of a treatment approach you would recommend or how the diagnosis might be applied to forensic context. Then, explain how the diagnosis informs treatment planning or could influence a court-related issue.

    Cultural Factors and Depression for Andrea

    an analysis of the cultural factors and related social and familial issues that you consider important in making a culturally sensitive diagnosis of "Andrea C.", and an explanation of their impact on the assessment and diagnosis.think about how a client's gender, culture (including the culture of physical disabilities), ethnicit

    Forensic Psychology Specialty Guidelines

    Consider APA ethics codes and the AP-LS specialty guidelines for forensic psychologists'. Discuss how various legal guidelines, ethics codes, and specialty guidelines influence diagnosis and assessment in general. Reference at least one potential conflict between laws the state of FL , ethical guidelines, or specialty guideline

    Internet Infidelity

    After reading Mileham's article, "Online Infidelity in Internet Chat Rooms: An Ethnographic Exploration," and Hertlein and Piercy's article, "Therapists' Assessment and Treatment of Internet Infidelity Cases," describe your personal ideas regarding internet infidelity. Be certain to include your personal beliefs and feelings reg

    Individual Pathology Perspective

    Read the case study below and imagine that your client presented this situation to you in couples therapy. Jody and Ted have been married for ten years. Last year, Jody's mom passed away and since then she has been drinking heavily. Ted has taken over getting the kids off to school and he sometimes has to call Jody's work whe

    Advantages of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

    The expert provides a personal, detailed explanation as to why they chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The solution explains why it is beneficial to pursue this route, rather than simply entering the job market as a high school graduate. Benefits of this degree are outlined in detail and a resource is provided.

    Strategies for Group Leaders

    Group therapy in any setting may include a diverse group of clients. This can be even more common in groups focused on addictions, given the breadth of community members who may be impacted. Describe key strategies that a group leader would be wise to consider in leading an addictions group where members may initially appear to

    Role of Support Groups for Addiction

    For this discussion, describe key differences between formal group therapy in a treatment setting and support groups found in the community (such as Alcoholics Anonymous). What client characteristics or preferences are appropriate to consider before making referrals to support groups in the community? Provide an example of a cli

    Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy

    I need some help with the case study below: Amelia and Miguel have been together on and off for 7 years. They have four children together ranging from ages 8 to 1. The couple states that they are unable to communicate effectively due to frequent use of the "silent treatment" which usually can last up to 3 days. Amelia states t

    Same-Sex Couples

    Case Study Corina, a 35 year old female, and Veronica, a 37 year old female, are a lesbian couple that has been in a committed relationship for 5 years. Corina, a recovering drug addict, has not informed her family of her sexual orientation or current relationship. Veronica is a working professional and is open about her rela

    Narrative Therapy Case Study

    Case Study Peter is a 6 year- old referred to therapy by his teacher due to fighting, use of obscene language, talking out of turn and disruptive behaviors in class. Peter has been suspended from school a number of times. Peter's parents (Scott and Norma) report similar behaviors at home. Parents reveal that they believe Pet

    Solution-Focused Theerapy

    Use Theory-Based Treatment Planning for Marriage and Family Therapists to complete the following: - Read the Vignette, "Couple," on page 204 and assess this couple from a solution-focused perspective addressing the following issues: - How would the presenting problem be conceptualized from this perspective? - What would

    Operationalization of Concepts

    The main advantage to operationalization is specificity. Once operationalization is complete, one should have the capability to determine the evidence toward a hypothesis or not. A disadvantage is the interpretation that is involved. The disadvantage of interpretation is that there can be various arrivals to the conclusions or h

    Lifecycle Stages

    Choose a stage in the lifecycle of a couple and discuss some of the specific challenges for that stage. Be sure to discuss some potential issues or challenges that could lead a couple to present in therapy. Assume that, as with many couples, when they present in therapy, they are pointing the finger of blame at one another. Desc

    Current state of mental health and well-being

    A subdicipline within psychology that I believe will become increasingly important in the future is abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology deals with mental and emotional disorder. Menta and emotional disorders affects the individual personally, socially, basically in everyday functioning. Disorders such as: personality disor

    Forensic Assessment Related to Juvenile Sex Offenders and Fitness for Duty

    A description of one issue related to forensic assessment of juvenile sex offenders and one issue related to forensic assessment of individuals being evaluated for fitness for duty. Explain why the issues you selected are issues for forensic psychology professionals conducting forensic assessments, using specific examples. Also

    Forensic Assessment in Death Penalty Cases

    description of two issues and/or factors that add to the complexity of conducting forensic assessments in capital sentencing cases. Explain what makes them complex factors or issues, using specific examples. Be sure to provide information concerning both sides of the issues you describe.

    Forensic Psychology Writing Guidelines

    Please provide a description of the three guidelines and/or principles related to testimony and/or report writing that you believe are most important to forensic assessment. Explain why you selected these guidelines as the most important. Finally, explain how you might apply each of them, using specific examples.

    Assessment Instruments in Correctional Settings

    Select a sub-population of inmates who might be prone to chemical use and dependency and reflect on their specific needs. Select two assessment instruments from the list that you think might best help assess the sub-population you selected. Provide a description of the sub-population of inmates for whom you selected assessment i

    Couples and Cognitive Behavioral Perspective Case Study

    Vignette: Alexis and Chris have been married for 3 years and initiated counseling to address lack of sexual intimacy in the relationship. Chris and Alexis report that, in the beginning of their relationship, they had an active sex life, having intercourse at least five times a week. However, for the last 3 months "things have

    Forensic Assessment for Child Custody Issues

    Description of the Florida laws that govern child custody placement in divorce proceedings. Given the laws in Florida what areas a forensic psychology professional would assess in a custody evaluation for the case, and explain why, using specific examples

    Juvenile Risk Factors & Assessments

    Risk Factors Associated with Juvenile Violence Select an instrument that you might use for assessing each of the two risk factors you researched, and considers how and why you might use these instruments. A description of an article(s) and how it pertains to at least two violence risk factors associated with juveniles. The

    Structural Family Therapy Model

    Consider the Structural Family Therapy model and discuss the following: Provide a brief overview of the history of the selected model and its founders, and discuss the essential ideas of the approach. Cite original sources and be sure to answer questions such as: •What is the role of the counselor or therapist? •What