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    Forensic Psychology Specialty Guidelines

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    Consider APA ethics codes and the AP-LS specialty guidelines for forensic psychologists'.
    Discuss how various legal guidelines, ethics codes, and specialty guidelines influence diagnosis and assessment in general. Reference at least one potential conflict between laws the state of FL , ethical guidelines, or specialty guidelines and explain how you might address the conflict

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    APA & AP-LS Specialty Guidelines

    In the practice of psychology, associations like the American Psychological Organization (APA) ensure that practitioners across the board follow a set of rules and aim to achieve set standards for the purpose of ensuring competency and professionalism in practice. But while general applications of codes like that of APA's code of ethics cover most ethical issues and concerns, it is essential for the application of specialty guidelines on specific iterations of practice as specialized fields like forensic psychology or clinical psychology for example need field-specific standards as ethical considerations may vary per field. As such, the APA has produced specialty guidelines for field-specific practice including forensic psychology while specialized associations like that of the American Psychology-Law Society have also set up guidelines for specialized field practice. All are concentrated on the field of practice alone, with dilemmas and issues considered vital in the specialized practice. It is important to note that the AP-LS is a division of the APA whose specific function (AP-LS, 2014) is, "Advancing the contributions of psychology to the understanding of law and legal institutions through basic and applied research."

    The current guideline of AP-LS has been adopted from its 1991 version which has seen several revision throughout the years as it keeps up with demands of the field. Thus, the AP-LS specialty guideline is like an adoption of the APA code but made specific to the ...

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