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    Life cycle Stages

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    Choose a stage in the lifecycle of a couple and discuss some of the specific challenges for that stage. Be sure to discuss some potential issues or challenges that could lead a couple to present in therapy. Assume that, as with many couples, when they present in therapy, they are pointing the finger of blame at one another. Describe how you would connect with such a couple, taking their concerns seriously while at the same time introducing some normalizing statements and ideas.

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    (1) Choose a stage in the lifecycle of a couple and discuss some of the specific challenges for that stage.

    The lifecycle stages were developed based on the realization that during the family cycle, development processes arise as people go from stage to another through the life cycle. It is within this context of the strategic approach (Haley, 1986 as cited in Archer & McCarthy, 2007) that the idea of the family life cycle was created. Haley described the 'normal' or ordinary processes in the lives of people" and referred to the development processes and the points of crisis that arise when people go from stage to stage through the family life cycle." In essence the family life cycle framework considers the growth and development of a family over time. For instance, the life cycle is broken down into stages that address the events related to the functions, and actions of the family such as : (a) child rearing, (b) marriage,(c) the leaving home of young adults, and(d) retirement. For instance, a couple must strike a delicate balance within the marriage. A change in the family affects the family as a whole. In an example, if a father loses his dayshift job, he changes his working house, and thus interactions with other family members may be affected. Likewise, the father may see problems in the relationship he's never seen before, because he was away from home on different hours when the problem occurred (www.dmin.edu). A key notion in recognizing the significance of the life cycle, "a system was seen as able to maintain its stability through a process of self-regulation by using information about past performances, and show how this deviated from the desired or optimal setting to make corrections" (Dallos & Draper, 2000, as cited in Hoyle, 2013,p.6).

    Take the stage of marriage for example, at the point of leaving home, a person will need to differentiate self ...

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    This solution examines the Family Live cyle, and discusses challenges associated with the marital stage.