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    Abnormal Psychology

    George W. Bush and Alfred Adler Theory

    How would I compare George W. Bush superiority striving to Alfred Adler theory? How did George W. Bush obtain his high level of superiority? Was it out of social interest or personal gain?

    Role of Emotion in Behavior

    1. What is the current behavioral view of the role of emotion in behavior? Do you agree or disagree with this perspective? 2. How might you use a self-management system to develop a target behavior?

    Research and its Application in Applied Behavioral Analysis

    Discuss how research is an effective tool for the ABA professional working in a setting. Describe the different types of data collection strategies that can be used to take data on behavior modification programs. Also discuss inter-observer and procedural reliability.

    Barriers to Treatment

    What are some (at least four) of the limits and barriers that can be encountered in delivering services to clients with addiction or compulsive issues (such as lack of insurance, proximity to treatment facilities, legal and public policy barriers, etc.)? Please explain. Also, what are systems and community resources available

    The Challenges Involved in Multicultural Counseling

    The different challenges involved in multicultural counseling. 1). Explain the challenges when counseling and treating people from different cultures. (provide an example) 2). Discuss why each is a vital consideration in the process of the identification and treatment of mental health issues. 3). How might a mental he

    Theories, Theorists, and the Role of Theory in Research

    1. in 250 words analysis of the role of theory in research. Instructions 2. in at least 1250 words about Theories and Theorists. Theory is a natural extension of the philosophy of science, and theoretical frameworks underpin any and every research design and study. Familiarize yourself with the main theories and theorist

    Counseling vs. Psychotherapy

    1) Discuss the differentiation of counseling from psychotherapy. 2) Provide examples of counseling from psychotherapy. 3) Why is this differentiation essential?

    How Intelligence by Definition has Influenced Testing Methodologies

    When comparing the numerous theories and definitions of intelligence, and thinking about how they contribute to modern views of intelligence, please help me with developing an explanation of how two historical and/or current definitions of intelligence have influenced current assessment tools (this is as changing definitions of

    Illegal Immigration and crime

    My Topic is: "The effect of illegal immigration on crime rates along the border towns of United States: A focus on types and variation of crimes" My research questions are: 1. What are the effects of illegal immigration? 2. What are the major causes for violent crime along the south west border of the United States? 3. Are

    Reducing the Appearance of Biases in Diagnosis

    An explanation of how the client's cultural identity may contribute toward personal biases and diagnosis. Then explain how your personal biases might influence the client's diagnosis. Finally, explain three ways you, as a future professional in the field, might mitigate or reduce the appearance of biases in diagnosis.

    Scores and Interpretations

    Psychologists often hear statements such as, "My child is in the 75th percentile in reading," or "The child has an IQ one standard deviation below the mean." Using Figure 3-6 (see attached file), describe to a novice the meaning of these statements, comparing them to other terms used when describing scores within a normal distri

    The Impact of Diversity in Counseling

    Can someone give me an example of what impact diversity may have on couples/families and the therapist in today's society? Also, what are some of the issues that a therapist might take into account during the counseling session?

    Case Law Rulings and Legislative Acts in Psychology Practice

    How have case law rulings and legislative acts impacted the practice of professional psychology? How did the Tarasoff decision affect the professional practice of psychology? How did the Jaffee v. Redmond Supreme Court ruling clarify the concept of privileged communication in psychotherapy? What effects have the HIPAA regulat

    Dispositional Theories

    What are some dispositional theories? Identify and describe the one that is most influential in studying personality.

    Forensic Psychology History

    Describe two events or aspects of forensic psychology history in three paragraphs. Then explain in detail how each has contributed to the evolving field of forensic psychology and provide examples. Consider how the intermingling of psychology and law has evolved over the years. Consider how the history of forensic psychology has

    Scope of Practice in Counselling

    Why are there differences in the licensure process for mental health counsellors and addiction counsellors? What is the scope of practice for both types of counsellors?

    Behavioral learning theory: Edward Thorndike

    Please help me to describe one principle associated with the theorist Edward Thorndike, explain how we might apply it in a learning environment, and one limitation associated with our application of the principle.

    Scientific Merit Paper

    Incarceration, Addiction and Harm Reduction: Inmates Experience Injecting Drugs in Prison. By: Small, Will; Kain, S.; Laliberte, Nancy; Schechter, Martin; O'shaughnessy, Michael; Spittal, Patricia. Substance Use & Misuse. 2005, Vol. 40 Issue 6, p831-843. 13p. This is the article I chose to do the scientific merit paper on, ho

    Public Policy Effects on Clinical Psychology Practicioners

    Questions addressed by this library solution: What actions by public officials and government set policies have far-reaching effects on the ability of clinical psychology practitioners to treat addiction or compulsive behaviors? Do you see a need for changes in policy? If so, what do you recommend?

    Dual Diagnosis

    I need help in comparing the work of counseling professionals who deal with the mentally ill and those who treat the chemically dependent. Does anyone live in Wisconsin or know of Wisconsin's state certification or licensure processes? If so, what are the different requirements? Why do you think they exist? What is the scope of

    Ethical Dilemma of a Conflict of Commitment

    1. What is the ethical dilemma of a conflict of Commitment; and has Dr. Frederick done anything wrong in giving Sandra this assignment? What potential conflicts in terms of data collection, data interpretation, and publishing might Sandra encounter as she continues with her research? Please give references. A Conflict of Com

    Practice of Identification

    Identification is the one that is least harmful, and it could be beneficial because individuals can use characteristics that they see that will make them better at work and play. We all identify with others in some way. Though it does depend upon what type of identification is occurring. For example, narcissistic identification

    Human Sexuality Case Study

    Case: Tony is a somewhat shy young man who tends to be a loner. He is majoring in mechanical engineering and spends much of his free time in the auto shop, working on his car. He has a circle of good male friends, and they go drinking and skiing together. He is a good snowboarder and has even won some regional competitions in