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Abnormal Psychology

The Impact of Diversity in Counseling

Can someone give me an example of what impact diversity may have on couples/families and the therapist in today's society? Also, what are some of the issues that a therapist might take into account during the counseling session?

Case Law Rulings and Legislative Acts in Psychology Practice

How have case law rulings and legislative acts impacted the practice of professional psychology? How did the Tarasoff decision affect the professional practice of psychology? How did the Jaffee v. Redmond Supreme Court ruling clarify the concept of privileged communication in psychotherapy? What effects have the HIPAA regulat

Dispositional Theories

What are some dispositional theories? Identify and describe the one that is most influential in studying personality.

Forensic Psychology History

Describe two events or aspects of forensic psychology history in three paragraphs. Then explain in detail how each has contributed to the evolving field of forensic psychology and provide examples. Consider how the intermingling of psychology and law has evolved over the years. Consider how the history of forensic psychology has

Scope of Practice in Counselling

Why are there differences in the licensure process for mental health counsellors and addiction counsellors? What is the scope of practice for both types of counsellors?

Scientific Merit Paper

Incarceration, Addiction and Harm Reduction: Inmates Experience Injecting Drugs in Prison. By: Small, Will; Kain, S.; Laliberte, Nancy; Schechter, Martin; O'shaughnessy, Michael; Spittal, Patricia. Substance Use & Misuse. 2005, Vol. 40 Issue 6, p831-843. 13p. This is the article I chose to do the scientific merit paper on, ho

Public Policy Effects on Clinical Psychology Practicioners

Questions addressed by this library solution: What actions by public officials and government set policies have far-reaching effects on the ability of clinical psychology practitioners to treat addiction or compulsive behaviors? Do you see a need for changes in policy? If so, what do you recommend?

Ethical Dilemma of a Conflict of Commitment

1. What is the ethical dilemma of a conflict of Commitment; and has Dr. Frederick done anything wrong in giving Sandra this assignment? What potential conflicts in terms of data collection, data interpretation, and publishing might Sandra encounter as she continues with her research? Please give references. A Conflict of Com

Human Sexuality Case Study

Case: Tony is a somewhat shy young man who tends to be a loner. He is majoring in mechanical engineering and spends much of his free time in the auto shop, working on his car. He has a circle of good male friends, and they go drinking and skiing together. He is a good snowboarder and has even won some regional competitions in

Ethical Profile

Please respond to the following so I can have an example to look to to write my own ethics profile: 1.Ethical Autobiography. First, explain how you think through and determine what is "right" and "wrong" (personally and professionally) in your own daily life. Second, Identify four examples of ethical behaviors and explai

Maslow's theory

Maslow's theory is also taught in other subjects, such as business. Why might it be important to understand this theory when entering into business?

Informed Consent and Informed Refusal

What is informed consent? Why is informed consent so important in the field of psychology? What is informed refusal? Compare the informed consent process and the informed refusal process.

The Family Life Cycle: Couples and Family Counselling

Need help with explaining how the family life cycle may be applied in couples and family counseling. Also, what are some examples of crisis situations in which a counselor might apply his or her understanding of the family life cycle?

Causes of Criminal Behavior

Please explain the biological, psychological, or sociological conditions which best help us understand and explain the causes of crime and criminal behavior.

Traditional and Modern Definitions of Couples and Family

Can someone help with the similarities and differences between the traditional and current definitions of couples and families? Also, what are some examples of personal filters leading to obstacles or challenges in working with today's couples or families? Are there solutions to working with today's couples and families?

Philosophy of Science and Research Approaches

Aligning Philosophies of Science with Research Approaches/The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods: Constructivism, Critical Theory, Empiricism, Interpretivism, and Positivism/ Research Design Creswell has aligned certain philosophies of science with each of the three research approaches: Qualitative approache

Leadership Theories - Gandhi vs. MLK

How is the leader Mahatma Gandhi similar to or different from Martin Luther King Jr.? What theory or theories (Trait, Position Approach, Style Approach, or Distributed-Functions Approach ) would best account for the actions of this historical figure Mahatma Gandhi? Trait approach. It implies that leaders are born not made and

The rights of a homosexual teacher

Please read the following scenario: "A popular middle school teacher has been singled out by a disgruntled student as being homosexual. The teacher is immediately fired and their teaching certificate revoked. Parents are furious over this action because they are an outstanding teacher who has won many honors for their superi

Cultural Differences: Gender Identity and Sexual Identity/Orientation

Cultural Differences Use the following two multicultural concepts: • Gender identity • Sexual identity/orientation Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze your selected multicultural concepts. Point out their significance in understanding cultural differences.

Creating a Counseling Plan for a Case Study

The following topics, specifically related to the chosen case study, must be addressed in your plan: - Assessment of sexuality (of the individuals involved in the selected case study relationship). - Assessment of the dynamics of the relationship. - Multi-axial diagnostic impression of the client in question. - Integration o

The Case of Mrs. Riley

Case 2: The Case of Mrs. Riley This is Mrs. Riley. She has just been asked to take over a class of third graders who are very energetic and have tried the patience of many teachers. In fact, Mrs. Riley is the third teacher to take over the class this year and it is only November! These students are not only unruly but most of

ABA Sports Psychology Case Study

The Case of Brenda Brenda is 17 years old and plays competitive tennis. In fact, she hopes to get a scholarship to play in college. Brenda's coach asked her to go see a sports psychologist who specializes in ABA because she is having difficulty with her serve. She does not have enough speed and accuracy to win matches. Her co

Social Significance and Detriment of Certain Behaviors

One of the main goals of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is to modify and change behaviors that are detrimental to an individual's growth, development, and/or functioning. Now you will work on deciding the appropriate behavior to target. identify a socially significant behavior and discuss the following: - Why this particu

The Four Major Approaches to Leadership Theory

1) There are at least four major approaches to leadership theory: Briefly compare and contrast the four leadership theories The Trait Approach; this approach has also been called the great person theory of leadership. The Position Approach The Style Approach The Distributed-Functions Approach 2) Select a historic