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Horney's Theory

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Using Horney's Theory, discuss this character Jackie Gleason on the TV show "The Honeymooners". Describe neurotic needs and trends and how has his gender and culture influenced the character's neurotic needs and behavior.

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Horney's theory is not all that difficult. It is based on need that, when unmet, can cause frustration that can be then internalized and come out as neurotic.

Ralph Kramden is a bus driver, making "$62 a week" as Alice once mocked him for. He lives in a cramped, sparsely furnished apartment on Chauncey St. in Brooklyn.

As for the neurotic needs, Ralph has most of these frustrated, but not all:

He does need approval, which is why he gets upset every time he gets passed over for a promotion from "traffic manager." When Ed gets promoted in the sewer system, Ralph gets jealous.

The partner, Alice, he has (hence, the title of the series). That is not a problem. Alice will stick by him no matter what. He cannot control her,even with that booming voice and physical presence, Alice stands up for herself and always wins.

Manipulation is not really a part of Ralph's life. Though there was one episode when he taught his boss how to play pool just for the sake of a possible promotion. Ed ends up monopolizing all his attention, and Ralph lashes out violently with the pool cue.

In the episode when Ralph finds the money on the bus (turns out to be counterfeit, the episode is called "Funny Money"), he gives it away. Yes, he buys things for himself, but his greatest joy is ...

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The expert discusses the character Jackie Gleason on the TV show "The Honeymooners". Neurotic needs and trends for gender in culture are determined.