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    Differences Between Performance Measurement, and Monitoring

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    In your own words, discuss the differences between performance measurement, monitoring and program evaluation. Then explain why each is important to the development of any evidence-based program. Which do you think is MOST important and why?

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    Discuss the differences between performance measurement, monitoring and program evaluation.

    Performance measurement is a broad approach. It takes any organization and breaks it down into its constituent parts. Each of these parts has a purpose, and this purpose provides the parameters within which it can be judged. The parts are then put together and the organization is seen as a whole. The parts, while they might work well as isolated units, might not work well together as an integrated whole.

    Performance monitoring is more specific. It deals with the organization as a whole, as an integrated unit. If it is a business, then monitoring will most likely revolve around an analysis of investment decisions, forms of financing, return on investment, labor relations and the closeness of the board and management. All of these, of course, are all about one thing: the efficiency of the firm. Monitoring is an ongoing process. It depends on the transparency and record-keeping honesty of the organization. Ultimately, it is to justify whether investors should continue their relationship with the firm or terminate it.

    Program monitoring is a subset of performance monitoring. The latter deals with the organization as a unit. Program monitoring, as its name suggests, concern itself with specific tasks the organization is setting out to accomplish. It is more specialized than performance monitoring. Its basic issues are the proper definition and scope of the project, the appropriateness of the resources allocated to it, the efficient use of ...

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    The differences between performance measurement, and monitoring are determined. The most important development of any evidence-based programs are determined.