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Performance Measurement

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Can you please assist me in 700 words or more in which you compare and contrast at least three performance measurements. Please discuss the importance of performance measurement within a project. Please cite all references.

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Performance measurements are examined.

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Performance Measurement

Compare and Contrast
Performance measurement is a systematic tool that measures the performance against the set performance standards and provides area for improvement to the organization (Roos, Fernstrom & Pike, 2004). There are various performance measurement tools like 360 degree, graphic rating and behaviorally anchored rating methods that have some similarities and differences. These are as follows:
Similarities: 360 degree, behaviorally anchored rating, and graphic rating method have some similarities in terms of their goals and objectives. All the three performance measurement tools are used to identify the training needs of the employees that reflect their common goals. Strong and weak areas of the employees are assessed through these performance measurement tools (Cornelius, 2001). There are some set criteria like employee behavior, attitude, response, cooperation, leadership skills, problem solving skills, innovativeness, creativity, capability to take initiatives and communication skills that are used by the managers to judge the employee performance. Outlook and intention behind the use of these three performance measurement tools are also common that again indicates their similarity. All the three tools are administered to improve the performance of the employee with the best possible development methods. These three tools are ...

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