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    Abnormal Psychology

    psychoanalytic theory

    I need help in a peer-reviewed study based on psychoanalytic theory published in the last twenty five years. How does the study present material differently than earlier analysts (say, in Freud's times)? How are psychoanalytic concepts addressed in the more recent studies? Provide examples.

    Freud and Jung's conclusions about the patient Anna O

    Both Freud and Jung's theories acknowledge that unconscious processes are at work in Anna O's problems. However, they would come to different conclusions about the origin of these problems and the method by which she should be treated. In need some guidance to compare and contrast Freud's view and Jung's view and apply to An

    Objects-Relation Theory

    Read the vignette, "Couple," below and asses this couple from an Object Relations perspective. *How would the presenting problem be conceptualized from this perspective? ◦What are some examples of interventions from this perspective? ◦Describe the role of the counselor from this perspective. ***********************

    Alzheimer Disese

    Explain how you would confirm a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Be specific. Use the research to help you. Explain how a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease may be relevant to a forensic psychology professional in court when evaluating a defendant.

    What kind of projective test do you feel would reveal the best information?

    There are several different types of projective tests. They can all help a therapist discover hidden issues that could be bothering a client. Some are easier to score! Some issues could be in the unconscious and the client is unaware due to denial or trauma. Talking is a great way to find out what is going on with a person in co

    Faking Bad/Good

    The main reason why someone not trained to administer and interpret an objective personality test is that the examinee may attempt to either "fake good" or "fake bad". This is of course an attempt to make themselves seem nicer or better in some way. It can also be used to make themselves seem as if they have extreme problems. An

    Operational definition

    Please help answer the following questions: What kind of an operational definition would you create? What factors or sub-tests would you include?

    Valuable Uses for IQ Tests

    Remember that intelligence is a "theory". Does it really exist? Researchers of intelligence believe that it does and so they create the 's' factors, or subtests necessary to measure a person's intelligence. Think of all of the subtests tapping into different parts of the brain, measuring how that area functions. Some of the 's'

    Forensic Assessment

    A description of one assessment instrument or procedure that might be used for this case in determining competency to stand trial and justify why you selected it.

    Diagnosis for Depression

    Culture Specific Disorders- native american elders denied they are depressed by yet show all the signs of depression is it possible that it is a culture specific disorder Construct a diagnosis for depression in a Native American Elder. Be sure to fully justify the diagnosis with appropriate references to the Learning Resour

    DSM V: Strengths and Weaknesses

    This solution provides an explanation of what you perceive to be two strengths and two limitations of the DSM-5 and why you consider each as such. Also, explain how and when you might use the DSM-5 in your practice and the ways you can circumvent its limitations

    Wecshler Adult Intelligence Test in Forensics

    Please provide a brief description of the assessment instrument, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. Describe the types of forensic cases for which it might be used and what it assesses. Then, describe a specific population that this test would be appropriate for and describe a population for whom this test would not be ap

    Forensic Assessment Instruments

    A description of the assessment instrument you , the types of forensic cases for which it might be used, and, broadly, what it assesses. describe a specific population that this test would be appropriate for and explain why. Finally, describe a population for whom this test would not be appropriate and explain why.

    Statistics and Forensic Psychology

    Explain each of the following as they relate to assessment instruments used in forensics: reliability, validity, and norming sample populations. Analyze the importance of these aspects for an instrument used in forensic assessment, using specific examples. Describe the reliability, validity, and norming sample populations for

    Personality Disorder Diagnosis

    Based on the information presented, address the following questions: 1.What diagnosis would you give this client? Provide the rationale for your choices, linking the client's symptoms to specific DSM-5 criteria. 2.How might age, gender, ethnicity, and relationship dynamics contribute to the symptoms and issues this client

    Gender Dysphoria and Sociocultural Contexts

    Discuss the challenges clients with gender dysphoria face in counseling and larger sociocultural contexts. Address the following: 1.What are your personal reactions to psychosocial theories explaining gender dysphoria, considering your own assumptions and beliefs? 2.What challenges do clients with gender dysphoria face in

    The Importance of Research In Psychology

    Research is an important part of psychology because, as professionals, we will always have to expand our knowledge and learn about new information that is coming out in order to have the most impact in the field. What kind of research is expected of a student who is majoring in psychology? Do ordinary people have experien

    Obesity and Child Maltreatment

    I need some help with these questions below: - What is the correlation between child maltreatment and obesity? - What can we do as human services practitioners to address this problem? - Is enough being done to address this issue? Why or why not?

    Etiology of Child Abuse and neglect

    I need assistance finding and describing two theories pertaining to the etiology of child abuse and neglect and their assumptions. I then need to explain how a human services organization can apply these theories in the development of a child abuse and neglect prevention program. One of the problems I have is that I cannot loc

    Internal sex offender traits versus general sex offender traits

    In addition to sharing the title, I need to provide a brief overview of the article, identifying the topic, research question, and hypothesis or adopted perspective; a brief summary of data collected; and the study's findings. Further, I need to provide a thorough analysis of the limitations of the study, suggestions for improve

    Child abuse and neglect

    I need assistance in critically analyzing the historical provisions made to curtail child abuse or neglect. What were the mistakes or successes? Are the provisions and services in place today sufficient? Why or why not?

    Sexual Differentiation and Gender Identity Factors

    Explain the interaction between hormones and behavior, and how these interactions affect the determination of gender identity. - Include the roles of biological factors (nature) and environmental influences (nurture) on sexual differentiation and gender identity. - Based on your evaluation, determine which has the greater inf

    Dr. Philip Zimbadro Experiment

    In reading the account of the "Stanford County Prison," a famous experiment conducted by Dr. Philip Zimbadro in 1971. Take particular note of the outcome of the experiment and what conclusions might be drawn. How did Dr. Zimbardo's findings might apply to a current, real-life event. Try to relate a parallel current event other

    Dialectical behaviour therapy in groups

    Could you help me find 15 articles on the use of dialectical behavior therapy in groups. I am interested in what types of groups that it is useful with and the success rate. Thank you.