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Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial

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A description of one assessment instrument or procedure that might be used for this case in determining competency to stand trial and justify why you selected it.

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About Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial--Revised (ECST-R)

The Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial--Revised (ECST-R) is one of the most commonly deployed instruments in situations where the task is to find out if the individual in question is being assessed of the ability, the skills and the competence to stand trial. According Cruz (2013, quoting Fogel), "the Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial - Revised (ECST-R) uses a semi-structured interview format with 18 items and three scales, assessing factual and rational understanding of courtroom proceedings and ability to consult with counsel. It also uses a number of items and scales to screen for 'feigned ...

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The solution provides a brief overview of the forensic psychology assessment - the Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial - Revised (ECST-R). Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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