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    Association of Cerebrovascular Events with Antidepressents

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    Title of article: Association of Cerebrovascular Events with Antidepressent Use: A Case-Cossover Study

    Provide a summary of the attached journal article. Include in your summary your thoughts about the article.

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    As you briefly brainstorm your summary and thoughts about the article, the authors correlate how an increased risk of cerebrovascular events such as stroke can actually ensue with the increased use of antidepressant medications. Specifically, the authors reveal that antidepressants with high inhibition of serotonin transporters were strongly connected with higher risks of stroke than from the use of other types of antidepressants. In particular, higher risks of ischemic strokes were cited in the article.

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    300 words of summary ideas are offered informally to assess the relationship between strokes and antidepressants from the attached article.