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Beck's Suicide Intent Scale: Forensic Assessment Instrument

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A description of the assessment instrument you , the types of forensic cases for which it might be used, and, broadly, what it assesses. describe a specific population that this test would be appropriate for and explain why. Finally, describe a population for whom this test would not be appropriate and explain why.

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Suicide Assessment Instrument: Beck's Suicide Intent Scale

Beck's Suicide Intent Scale or BSIS is one of the more popularly used assessment in forensic psychology practice, especially in the case of the assessment of prisoners as well as victims and witnesses to a case to evaluate their psychological state, especially in relation to depression, emotional state and probability, due to this, of self-harm or suicide. Beck's Suicide Intent Scale was developed from the Beck Depression Inventory authored by Dr. Aaron Beck which was a 21-item multiple-choice self-report inventory which measured the severity of depressions. The BSIS is an adaptation that was utilized to immediately be deployable as a self-report to individuals who have just committed ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) by providing information and background on a measure known as Beck's Suicide Intent Scale (BSIS). Resources are listed for further exploration of BSIS.

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