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Assessment Instruments for Evaluating Constructs

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What are the assessment instruments that evaluate a construct such as suicidal tendencies. Then give three assessment instruments that measure this construct . Then provide the following information for each assessment instrument:

General Information:
A. Title
B. Author
C. Publisher
D. Forms, groups to which applicable
E. Practical features
F. General type
G. Date of publication
H. Costs, booklets, answer sheets, scoring
I. Time required to administer
J. Purpose for which evaluated

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to help students tackle the problem (see above) on the topic of putting together a paper that explores and evaluates suicidal tendencies. 3 assessment instruments are explored with key information about them provided as set out in the original problem (see above).

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular problem, you are being tasked to explain what assessment instruments are as they relate to, or are utilized in the practice of psychology, in particular, counselling Here you are being asked to provide 3 instruments on suicidal tendencies and provide background info as related in the list. As you know, I cannot complete your assignment for you but I can get you started. I suggest the following 3 instruments (see below) with information that you need. I have also listed the resources that you can use for this to explore each further. Just let me know if you need further assistance. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones


Suicidal Tendencies Instruments

There are a host of assessment instruments that can be used to test for suicidal tendencies. They include the following: Life Orientation Inventory, Suicide Intent Scale and the Suicide Behaviours Questionnaire. I have chosen the three due to their familiarity to counsellors. They are used consistently in assessing or screening patients and individuals pre-suicide attempt (if a patient shows tendencies), if a patient is in an extremely depressive state and, as well, in the time period after a patients suicide attempt. They have been authored and then adapted to a host of contexts over time. I have expanded on each 3 as required below.

Life Orientation Inventory
B. Author - an adaptable set of principles according to needs, written by by Udai Pareek ...

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