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    Purpose and Technical Considerations for Assessment Instruments

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    Evaluate Beck's Suicide Intent Scale and find an article that utilizes this assessment instrument in a study. Additionally, complete the following information:

    I. Purpose and Nature of the Instrument

    A. Stated purpose
    B. Description of test, items, and scoring
    C. Use in counseling

    II. Technical Considerations

    A. Normative sample
    B. Reliability
    C. Validity
    D. Generalizability

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    Study Information

    Authors: Louise Harriss, Keith Hawton,and Daniel Zahl
    Title: "Value of measuring suicidal intent in the assessment of people attending hospital following self-poisoning or self-injury"
    Particulars: published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, Issue 186, pages 60-66
    Year: 2005


    The study looked at the relationship between self-harm and suicide rate by looking at the suicidal intent at self-harm to find indicators of suicidal intent. In this particular study, the authors Hariss, Hawton & Zahl (2005) utilized Beck's Suicide Intent Scale as the instrument of measure to "investigate the relationship between suicidal intent and patient characteristics, repetition of self-harm, and suicide." To do this, the authors utilized published and available data on 4415 patients of Warneford Hospital in Oxford England who self-harmed from 1993 to the year 2000.

    Purpose & Nature of BSIS in the study

    In this particular study, the authors explain that the role of Beck's Suicide Intent Scale is primarily to measure suicidal intent. Using BSIS, suicidal intent at the time of self ...

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    The purpose and technical considerations for assessment instruments are determined. Beck`s suicide intent scale and finds an article is evaluated.