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Abnormal Psychology - Projective tests

There are several different types of projective tests. They can all help a therapist discover hidden issues that could be bothering a client. Some are easier to score! Some issues could be in the unconscious and the client is unaware due to denial or trauma. Talking is a great way to find out what is going on with a person in counseling. I have never been a fan of the "Freudian" type of therapy. My approach is behavioral and developmental. I often use the Sentence Completion Test, which is referred to in the Hogan (2007) book.

The Sentence Completion Test requires the student to finish incomplete sentences. It's really easy to give, assuming that the child (or adult) is willing. Often adolescents tell me, "Forget it!" Then I offer to write it out for them. On this test, I usually read the student's responses and look for a common "theme" present in their life. They might say, "My mom should....she should not have left me." Then later in the test they might say, "When I am a parent I would.... never leave my kids."

The kids I work with seriously answer that way on a test. It makes it clear what issues they need support in at school and home. It seems like a deceivingly simple test, but it can be very revealing.

What kind of projective test do you feel would reveal the best information?

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i) you seem to find Sentence Completion very useful in your context. That is key to your answer.

1) Projective test ought to be useful and helpful in revealing the whole story not skew the story
2) Projective tests ought to facilitate the client in expressing their story accurately for instance children or ...

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