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    Abnormal Psychology

    Research Literature Reviews

    .Compare and contrast following two types of scholarly writing and provide an example of how they might be used • Review article • Theoretical review

    Future Trends in Attitude Research

    Choose a social issue. Explain why this social issue is in need of attitude and/or attitude change research. Explain two ways advances in technology might impact future attitudinal research on this social issue. Support your response with references and other scholarly literature. Please use one are more of follow

    Research and Statistics in the Field of Psychology

    Explain in 800 words in which you examine the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology. Address the following items: •Define research and the scientific method. •Compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data. •Explain the role of statistics in research. Format paper con

    Setting Ones' Goals in the Field of Psychology

    1). My undergraduate major at this time is Applied Behavioral Science. Someday I would like to attend a graduate program majoring and graduating in a master's program with a specialization in becoming certified behavioral analyst. What should be my goals after graduating from master's program? Or what should I plan on doing to o

    Attitude Change Applied to Advertisements

    A brief description of the two advertisements on the social issue; including the mediums (e.g., Internet, television, magazine, etc.) used to deliver the advertisements. Explain which advertisement you found most persuasive and why. Considering the advertisement you found most persuasive, explain how the message-learning

    Forensic Research in Patient Evaluation

    Explain how a forensic psychology professional might apply the information in this research study to a clinical forensic setting, and in what circumstances, including but not limited to situations in which a forensic psychology professional must conduct an evaluation of a patient for his or her potential suicide risk and/or pote

    Criminal Profiling and Investigative Psychology

    Explain at least two strengths and benefits of criminal profiling as a tool of investigative psychology; and Explain at least two liabilities or limitations of criminal profiling as a tool of investigative psychology.

    Criminal Research in Forensic

    Explain at least two issues related to the validity of information or research on which criminal profiling is based and the importance of that validity.

    Discussing Counselling Theory

    "Carla" is a 30-year-old therapist who is working at an outpatient clinic. Carla's client, "Annie" is a 6 year old who is presenting for therapy with her mother. Annie lives with her mother, "Betty," and Annie is an only child. Annie's parent's divorced approximately 11 months ago and Annie spends every weekend with her father.

    Arnold Lazarus Essay

    Discuss dual relationships. What was your opinion of the Arnold Lazarus essay (Bersoff, p.242)?

    Psychology in the legal system

    An analysis of how psychology in general has contributed to the legal system. Two specific examples and their impact such as rehabilitation services and ethical/moral decisions.

    Web MD Impacting Abnormal Psychology

    Please help with the following question: Is there a risk that the use of overuse of Web MD will blur the issue of abnormal psychology? Please discuss with a reference.

    Classic Psychology Theorists

    1). Identify one of the classic theorists, (Freud, Adler or Jung) that most appeals to you and outline the basic concepts of their theory. Construct a 250-300 word post including the following points. 2). Which one of these classic theorists, (Freud, Adler or Jung) most appeals to you? 3). What are the basic outline concepts

    Learning Behaviors in Mistake

    People who don't learn from other's mistakes...are they not learning those lessons because they don't care or maybe because they think it doesn't apply to them? I know that learning how to ride a bike or throw a basketball cannot always be learned because there is skill required in that process of learning. I think other behavio

    Counseling and Psychotherapy

    How can the field of counseling be of interest to me What is couseling all about What is the art and science of counseling How can the field of psychotherapy be of interest to me What is psychotherapy What is the art and science of psychotherapy Min. Of one scholarly resource

    Skinner Technique

    The following is a video on B.F. Skinner and his technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm5FGrQEyBY What stands out to you?

    Case Study: Mark Perry

    Case Study: Mark Perry is a doctoral student in clinical psychology. He is currently doing his practicum at a community mental health agency. Periodically, the social workers at the agency ask him to "interpret" psychological tests they have given to clients. They know Mark has had courses in assessment and trust his judgment. T

    Counseling Multicultural Clients

    What are some of the challenges that present themselves when counseling and treating someone from a different culture? Why is it important for a mental health counselor or a professional to consider culture when identifying and treating mental illness? How should mental health counselor or professional address these issue

    Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy

    What makes counselling different from psychotherapy? Please provide examples of counselling and psychotherapy. Why is this differentiation essential? Please support your answers with at least one scholarly resource in APA format.

    Positive Behavioral Support Program

    Your company is still consulting with Pathway High School, an alternative high school for students who have been unsuccessful in their original school due to challenging behavior. Remember that Pathway hired your company 6 months ago to implement a School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support (SWPBS) program. Read the assigned we

    Evaluating a Program's Outcomes

    Evaluating a program's outcomes is such an important step in the process. It is the culmination of the entire planning process and a time to reflect on your process and analyze the data you have collected. You will be reading a journal article related to a real life example of a behavior management program with real results.

    Program Design: Planning and Decision making

    1. What is the focus of the planning step? 2. What tools can you use to collect relevant data for decision making? What specific tool do you think would be most valuable to use and why? 3. What do you find most useful about that step in the planning process? See the following reference: Kettner, P. M., & Daley, J. M.

    Horney's Theory

    Using Horney's Theory, discuss this character Jackie Gleason on the TV show "The Honeymooners". Describe neurotic needs and trends and how has his gender and culture influenced the character's neurotic needs and behavior.

    Types of conditioning

    There are two well-known types of conditioning: Classical and Operant. What are the differences between the two?

    Potential Ethical Dilemmas

    Can anyone help me identify two potential ethical dilemmas (Jan is showing an inability to cope with the couple). I need help with explaining the ethical dilemmas by referencing specific ethical codes from either AAMFT or IAMFC. Also, some potential resolutions for the dilemmas. (SEE ATTACHED).

    Bandura's belief

    Do you agree or disagree with Bandura's belief that much of what individuals learn is acquired through observing others? Why?

    Reliability Research

    Question #1 Why is the reliability of an instrument important? Could you write a test of your own one evening, administer it to a sample the next day, and publish the results of your study in a peer-reviewed journal? Why or why not? [250 word count Min] Question #2 The reliability of the Rorschach test has often been dispute